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Saturday, February 27, 2016

If you enjoyed your day its not a day wasted

I feel like for "young" people now a days there is such a pressure to always be doing things. That Friday and Saturday evenings need to be spent out partying or out with friends or doing something. That you always need to be busy and doing social things, never saying no to social events.

At times i have been told by my family that i am "wasting my life" because i dont do so much. And i am aware of the fact that my life is pretty boring, i dont do so much and i enjoy being at home. I enjoy calm evenings by myself and just watching a series, that is relaxing and enjoyment for me. And i go to bed with contentment. Even after a day of two of not doing much i still feel i have enjoyed my day. I dont feel the need to always be doing things or always out and meeting people, i dont feel the need to always be around people. I enjoy my alone time, but of course i dont mind being around other people and socializing as well.

I know there are times when i might not feel like going out and meeting people but i do anyway, because i know that once i meet them i will have a good time. But then there are other times when i force myself to social situations or to meet people when i really dont want to and then i just have an awful time and i would have had a better evening if i had just stayed at home.

And i wish more people would realise this. That life isnt wasted just because you dont go to all the social events or because you enjoy spending time at home. If YOU enjoy what you do then its not time wasted. Though of course if all you do is sit at home and watch series and wish you were out doing other things, then its up to you to make  a change so that you dont feel like you are just wasting away your day and your life by doing nothing. But if you are content with having evenings on your own or just watching series in the evening, then thats ok. If it makes you happy!!!

I believe in having the balance, that if you you spend all your time alone and never meet people or never go to social events then thats not so good for your mental health either. You do need some type of social life, even if that means going for coffee with your mum, sister or father every second week. Just meeting people and getting out of the house every now and then. But you dont have to feel like you are wasting your life if you enjoy being on your own and prefer to spend evenings alone or at home most of the time, that is ok as well.

Its about being honest with yourself and knowing what you enjoy and being ok with what you enjoy. You dont have to go out and to things all the time just because others tell you to. It is ok to enjoy your evenings on your own! If you enjoy your day it is not a day wasted, and remember sometimes the best thing you can do is just to spend a day not doing much at all!!! Maybe not spend your whole life doing nothing, but sometimes a day or two where you do little can be beneficial, and other times you spend a few days/week out and about and socializing and enjoying it. That is the important thing, to enjoy what you do. And sometimes force yourself out and know that you will have a good time, its just the initial getting ready and leaving that is the hardest!


  1. I agree! ... though I am surprised about the perspective on your life -- you seem to do a huge amount, you always seem to be going out to do things, and you're often writing that you would rather stay in but have things to do so you are going to do them.

  2. Omg yes! Actually my mum and dad are a bit strange in that they discourage me from working and tell me to go out, drink and enjoy myself.

    I know they mean well, but sometimes it's nice to have an evening with a cup of coffee getting some work done, followed by a Netflix/XBox session.

    Although, being an introvert, it's easy to have TOO MANY evenings like this, so I also agree that sometimes forcing yourself to go be social is a good thing too.

    Once again thank you for talking so much sense. :-)