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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

How to take care of yourself and be healthy during stressful times

Learning how to cope with stress is one of the best thing you can try to do, as well as it being an investment into your future and your own mental and physical health care.

Stress affects pretty much everything in our body, and even when we dont feel stressed the damage can be done and it can take a long time for your body to recover from a period of lots of stress, or prolonged stress.

Now a days i think most people are a little stressed always, in some way or another. Some have easier to let it all go, to destress and focus on other things, whilst others cant cope with that stress. And i am one of them.... i try my best with different mechanisms, but still i let the stress get to me and to affect me negatively, but i am learning and trying to cope.

During stressful times, whether its exams coming up, new phase in your life, searching for jobs, travelling somewhere new, doing something new, fear of the unknown etc etc it is important to try to care for yourself. To try to cope with the stress but also take care of your body.

That is done by:

1) Feeding yourself properly and with enough nutrition. You can not function properly or think clearly if your body and mind arent getting enough energy. But also if you are relying on lots of sugary and processed food, your blood sugar will go up and down and you will just feel more unstable. But also if you are constantly hungry, it is hard to think rationally and you will feel like crying due to the stress and hunger, and the smallest thing will make you cry when infact you know you wouldnt normally cry just because you missed the bus. (Yup... ive been so stressed and hungry and not able to control my thoughts or feelings that i cried when i missed a bus...and the next one came in like 10 minutes XD). Focus on getting enough of each food group and fueling yourself properly so that you can think and function properly. Also by eating a good amount of food and fueling your body it will help your insides and the "inner stress"

2) Get enough sleep and allow yourself to mentally rest. Its easier said than done during stressful times. But this is what i have realised works wonders. You NEED TO allow yourself breaks... if your body and mind are saying no, allow yourself to take a break whether its 15 minutes, the whole eveninig/day or a day or two. I know at times you cant really afford a break, but i can promise you..... if your body and mind are saying no due to tiredness or stress, you wont get anything effective done even if you keep trying.
  I have sat at the dining room table for almost 6 hours straight once despite my mind saying no... but i knew that if i went elsewhere i wouldnt get work done, so i thought if i sat at the kitchen table with my school books around me, there would be more chance of me getting work done..... but instead i sat there for 6 hours and did nothing... didnt watch series or youtubes as that was "Unproductive" and i should work, but i didnt work either because my brain didnt want to take in new information.
  I should have realised that all i needed was a break, to decide that that day i wasnt going to work.... it would have been so much better if i had allowed myself the mental break and not stressed myself to study lots, and then feel guilty and stressed because i couldnt study or my brain didnt want to take in information.

You need to find balance and part of self care is resting, physically and mentally. Your body is not a robot, it will give up if you push it too far. So learn to take breaks and NOT feel guilty over them.... remember that it is self care and necessary.

3) Less caffeine and more water. I think this is clear in itself, but caffeine stresses the body immensly... even if you feel no effect of the caffeine, it stresses your insides which in turn can show on the outside. And more water, because water is so important for hte body. For your brain, skin, hair, organs... for focus and concentration, for your cells and normal body functions. So drink more water, always!

4) Find a hobby that you can relax while doing and doesnt stress you. Find something which you can do which you enjoy doing and where you just forget about work and your stress. For me, its going for walks while listening to podcasts, going for runs or going to the gym. Thats my ME time and i can just forget my stress for a while. But things such as colouring, meditation, writing are also great ways to relax and forget about your stress. Find something you enjoy doing and work it into your schedule... something you look forward to doing and helps you relax and destress, it is very important to do things like this in your life and even when you are stressed, make time for them!!

5) Deconnect from the internet and/or call friends/family. Some people find that deconnecting from the internet each evening or a few days a week/month helps them to destress, whilst others find the opposite, that it is calming and destressing for them to scroll through social media. So do what works best for decreasing your stress levels. But also, talk to friends and family... do other things than to just sit and stress, sometimes all you neeed is a 30 minute break to meet someone and to talk. Go for a walk, go for a coffee/tea (;)), call them..... make time to meet others.

6) Having a mantra or something you can remind yourself when you find yourself stressing lots, or when you are trying to rest but feel guilty for not being productive. Remind yourself that you are a human and you need breaks, you cant be doing things all the time... thats not normal or healthy. And if you were to always be productive 200% of the time, eventually your body or mind would give up and then you might have to take 2-12 months off from whatever it is you are doing. I know people who similar to me, find it hard to rest and relax and always feel stressed, and they have had to take sick leave for 3-12 months from school despite only being in the age of 16-20. But they couldnt cope with the stress and so almost became immobile and paralyzed, couldnt get anything done as they sort of hit a "brick wall". For me personally, i kept going i kept pushing my stress and denying that i was stressed until i just sort of broke down, and then its taken me months to slowly climb my way out of that hell and to get my energy and happiness levels back up again, and to find the motivation in life.
   So for me now its important to be able to mentally rest and not stress over allowing myself to rest. And that is easier done by reminding myself the importance of rest.

7) Be kind to yourself, get rid of negativity in your life and dont let others bring you down. If you are constantly bullying yourself or thinking negative thoughts or surrounding yourself with negative people, this will just add stress to your life. Its harder to relax and feel at ease if you arenegative and people around you are negative. .So get rid of toxic thoughts and toxic people in your life.

8)  Learn to say no. SO IMPORTANT FOR STRESS LEVELS. If you are one of those people - like me - who never says no, or who puts everyone elses needs and comfort infront of your own. Then stop with that. Learn to prioritze yourself... you are not being selfish or mean by saying no, you are putting your own health first and that is important. I dont know how many times i have said yes to things i havent wanted to do or gone out of my way to do things that stressed me or added stress to my life. And they werent positive, they didnt help me... instead they made me feel worse, they made me feel guilty and i wished more than ever that i had the strength to say no and put myself first. But this year i am learning that. And it helps.... It helps my stresslevels and helps me to relax when i am slowly learning to say no to things that wont help me or bring positivity into my life, but also learning that i cant put everyone elses needs and health infront of my own health. So learn to say no and to priortize yourself. If you dont put yourself first, who else will? But also, dont let others control you and abuse the fact that you say yes to everything. I have had people like that in my life... who knew i never said no and so i gave and gave and gave and got nothing in return and just felt exhausted as i was constantly helping others, but they never helped me or gave anything in return.

 These were the tips and advice i could think of now, but i hope they help! Remember to take care of yourself and dont let the stress take over, because it will have both short term and long term consequences.

21 Self Care Tips - handout from
Twenty Things I Give Myself Permission For - selfcare:

Some links about chronic fatigue (?)... they are in swedish, but maybe you can use google translate if you want to read more? I know its not so great at translating, but i dont know what its called in english. But here in Sweden its called Utmattningssyndrom och utbrändhet.


  1. Thank you Izzy!! This was such a helpful post! ♡♡♡

  2. Thanks for posting this. Stress can be quite sneaky - things happen and little by little your stress levels rise until something quite trivial happens and you just collapse because it is one thing too many. You are absolutely right, we do need to prioritize ourselves and try to recognise the warning signs. Good food, plenty of sleep and mental breaks are essential.
    I hope you are managing to take care of yourself too Izzy!

  3. Sadness is not punishment, it's a moment to peel yourself deeper