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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Had a bad day? & share your positives!!

I saw this and thought it was so cute so thought I would share :)

Also... of you have any positives of the day, share them! ! I want to hear all your positives or good things or any achievements or accomplishments :) no matter how big or small. Share something positive in the comments below :)


  1. Hi Izzy!
    Here are some positives from my day:
    -one of my teachers wrote me a letter, saying how proud he is of me for all my hard work at school and as student council president
    -I got to go to the gym this morning, and had the whole gym to myself! I had a great leg workout.
    -we got out of school 1 hour early
    -tonight I'm going to watch some Netflix, relax, and maybe do some colouring.

  2. Before my ED I used to have very voluminous and thick hair. However during the time of restricting I lost about a quarter and when I started eating again, I lost another quarter. So basically I have only half of my hair left and it is very thin now. I started have been a at healthy weight since October. It makes me very insecure as it was one of the only things I actually like(d) about myself:/ it feels like it'll never grow back. If it does, how long does it take before your hair starts to grow again?

    Thank you for all your help

    1. Sorry, this is about the exact opposite of what yu asked us to do XD. So here are my positives:
      - finished prepping for a difficult essay
      - exam results are quite good so far :)
      - post-exam period so I can finally quit studying before 11pm :p free nights are awesome

    2. I was the same way, my hair was one of the few things I liked on my body and I was extremely upset when it started to get bad. Although my hair is not back to its original state, its been about 1.5 years since I began eating again and my hairs about 75% of the way there. It began to look more shinny and less dry/thin after about 6 months of eating. Hair doesn't grow out super fast but it's growing so don't worry :) Just try and take good care of it and don't restrict and be patient (as difficult as that sounds :p)

  3. Let see, today was a weird day. I managed to spill water ALL over a table and my school doesn't have paper towels (blow dryers)so I had to messily clean it up with toilet paper. I also dropped my water bottle lid under dusty stairs (what's it with me and water today??) BUT!!!!! I had some good positives today!
    -Ran outside for the first time in a while, for some reason it was 60(!?!?!?!) today when I live in the northern U.S. (sore but it's a good sore)
    - It was 60! hahaha
    - SAW MY BOYFRIEND!!!! We live on opposite sides of campus and he's really busy so I haven't seen him in over a week. And we also planned out our 1 year/Valentines day! So that was nice :D
    -I limited myself with peanut butter. Yes I know restriction with an eating disorder is bad but I am SERIOUSLY addicted to peanut butter, it's a problem. I literally eat it with every meal and can eat it multiple times a meal...yeah, it's a problem.

    Hope you have a better day tomorrow Izzy!!!...or today??? Time zone differences :p

  4. Hope you feel better soon Izzy. a positive from my day was that i let myself take a nap after school, ive never let myself do that before but i was soo tired and it was nice. x

  5. I got to go home and see my dog for the first time in 3 weeks

  6. Spring is on its way - the Easter eggs are in the shops and the days are staying light slightly longer, the mornings getting light just that little bit earlier ...and the birds have begun to sing in the mornings - a sure sign things are getting better!