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Friday, February 19, 2016

Free for the weekend


At the moment i am in one of those I dont want to talk about it stages. Where you dont want to think back to the past or think back on the past because then you just feel anxious and stressed. In my own opinion i dont think the test went so well... it feels like everything that i didnt know was on the test.  I didnt have so much luck with the questions so to say...  but i want to leave that behind me, there is nothing i can do now. The more i think about the test the worse i feel so i just sort of want to move on from that and find out my result in 1-2 weeks and take it from there!

The best way to get rid of the post exam stress and anxiety is a workout. Because first i head to the gym caught up in anxiety and just want to cry, but then i plug in some good music and focus on doing what i love best - strength training. Because then i dont think, its just me time and a form of therapy. And i definitely left the gym feeling 20 times better than when i arrived!! And after my workout i headed to the store to buy some more food (as i buy food for 3-5 days and then top up again as there is not enough room in the fridge or freezer to buy a weeks worth of food.)   At the store i also picked together a bag of pick and mix, and i must say... at first i felt a little awkward, it felt wrong to buy candy. I actually never buy pick and mix if it isnt that i am buying it for others or going to bake using the candy, but today that was what i wanted. And despite at first feeling like it was wrong... like people were going to stare at me in my workout gear and workout shoes and wonder, what is she doing buying candy. But those thoughts were so silly because i have no problem buying a chocolate bar or two on a Tuesday evening or even on a Thursday morning, so I dont know why i suddenly felt that way.....As if it should matter what people think? So i disregarded those thoughts, reminded myself they were silly and picked together a candy bag and placed it in my basket filled with vegetables and quorn products XD

Anyway, now i am home again and made myself a delicious lunch and t´for the rest of this evening i am just going to netflix and chill by myself!! Much needed :)

How are you going to spend your Friday and your weekend? :)

By the way, this is the epitome of lazy food for me, hahaha.
Vegetables & quorn into the microwave, then rice cakes/crisp bread with spread and some nuts on the side... and today candy as an extra luxery!

Also i think this is my first time since moving that i have eaten food from a plate XD.... all for the sake of the picture XDXD


  1. Where are the noodles, you're a student now ;)

    1. Noodles? more like baked beans - no student meal is complete without them!

    2. Its a thing that "all students only eat noodles" in sweden ;) not so many likes baked beans hehe

  2. Don't worry about the 'eating chocolate in your workout clothes' thing. When I began exercising but still needed to gain a bit of weight, there was one day where I was really low on time and hadn't gotten in enough calories so I bought a chocolate bar and ate it in the gym while walking to the treadmill ;)

  3. Hope you had a good evening relaxing!