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Monday, February 15, 2016

Focus on your goals and what is best for you

There is something about Monday mornings which always makes me want to share some type of positivity and inspiration, no matter how tired or uninspired i am myself. It just feels like Monday morning is a good time to be reminded that its a new week, new opportunities and that you can make this week awesome even if the previous week wasnt great.

This morning however, i am not feeling uninspired, infact i am feeling very motivated but also very tired... but i guess that is to be expected after roughly 5 hours of sleep. The only thing i wanted this morning was to keep sleeping and skip my lectures today, but i know that would not be a good idea also the fact that they are compulsory so i would have to do extra assignments if i didnt go to them. Not to mention that my lectures today are super important for my test on Friday, so once all of that popped into my head it was just to get up and get ready!!

This week i am going to just focus on rest, studying and getting 8 hours of sleep. Half sick this morning, with a blocked nose and tired and heavy body so focusing on resting up and getting enough vitamins! I guess its hard to avoid all the bacteria and people with colds when you do alot of travelling on public transport, one of the many reasons i avoid public transport as much as possible - to avoid catching a cold. Not to mention that a simple cold can last so much longer or have alot more negative consequences because of my CF than for a normal person who just catches a cold.

Anyway, soon it is off to school (this post was written at 6.45am i.e not when it is published!) and then i finish at 3 today, though all the students who are in the dietician program they have an extra lecture and finish at 5pm... thats rough, hahaah. Such a long day for them, its tough enough to have lectures until 3pm - though i know thats relatively early so im not complaining!

So.... What are your plans for the week? Do you have any goals for this week? :)

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  1. Well I have a meal plan goal and that is to increase by changing the desserts I have in the evening after tea. This week I am going to try to vary my usual yogurt and fruit with things like rice pudding and fruit crumble with custard - trying to find ways of adding calories as I still need to increase. Too cold for icecream so experimenting this week with milky puddings like tapioca, blancmange and bread and butter pudding. Foods from my childhood that have been too long forgotten!
    Hope you are feeling better today,try not to over do the studying though, your brain needs a rest too when you`re sick. I love the picture btw, is that a reminder that summer will eventually arrive?? Take care