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Friday, February 26, 2016

Feeling extra hungry while following a meal plan

What do you do if your meal plan says have x amount of food and you still want more? is this appetite returning or should you control it and stick to whats on your plan? I ask because mostly when I start I meal I am not at all hungry and to be honest that bothered about eating it but I do because its on my plan. Then half way through I find I`m enjoying it and don`t want it to end! This is bizzare and I don`t know why its happening?

It is most likely your hunger returning. That you dont really notice that you are hungry until you actually eat. I have had times where i have had a stomach pain and then i havent been able to eat because my stomach has been sore but then when i do finally eat because i know i have to, i realise how hungry i am and that actually eating sort of helped the pain which is strange. If you are still hungry even if you have finished your meal, eat some more. Its better to listen to your body rather than a plan, because your body knows better how much it wants rather than just some numbers/food on a piece of paper. As long as eating doesnt become something uncontrollable where you go from eating a normal portion to suddenly not able to stop eating, as that is not good. But if you feel that you can still eat more, then do that. Its most likely your metabolism speeding up/functioning better and your hunger returning!! Drink some water, eat some more and see how it goes. It might just be a period where you feel extra hungry, or your meal plan doesnt have enough calories and your body is telling you that you need more!!

Remember that a meal plan isnt an "end all, be all". One of the things i struggled with when trying to begin intuitive eating was that i thought my meal plan was how i should eat forever. That i would always eat 6 meals, always eat at the same time and always eat the same type of portions.... but that wasnt really intuitive eating, it was just not measuring my food. Ii had to begin to truly listen to my body and know that if i wanted more food i could eat it and it wasnt "over eating" because i had no plan to follow, and it was ok to leave food on my plate if i was super full. But all that comes when you begin to transition to listening to your body! When it comes to your meal plan, follow your meal plan but dont be scared to eat more, just dont eat less!! 

Also if you feel that your meal plan doesnt fill you up, talk to your dietician and see if they can change it so either you get more food or different food :) 

And i just want to say, that it is great that you are eating all your meals even if you might not feel hungry at first. Its not always easy to eat when you arent hungry, but you are doing the right thing and as you have noticed, when you do begin eating you are hungry, so some signals/hormones are still alittle messed up in the body. But that should sort itself out in time :)

I hope this helps!!

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