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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Extreme hunger - already gaining weight so cant justify eating more

Sorry off topic but do you have any advice. I am always feeling hungry to the point of having no energy, being in constant pain & anxiety & i cannot concentrate on my wk. i eat about 1900 cals surely this is enuf. I am putting on weight so i cant justify eating more cos the scales will go up even more & i fear overshooting my target. Yet these chronic hunger pains are causing me so much distress.

Hello :)

If you are feeling that amount of hunger i would say eat.... 1900 really isnt that much and even if you are gaining weight i think your body might still want more energy, and you might be going through an extreme hunger phase.

I know it might feel "wrong" to eat more when you are already gaining weight, but if you are so hungry then you need to eat more. I dont really know how much weight you need to gain, but even if you are close to your goal weight, dont worry about overshooting it. Instead, give your body lots of energy and rest for a while and try to let your body balance itself out. The best thing you can do is to give it a try and eat more. During extreme hunger people can eat anywhere from 3000-7000kcal in a day, and i know it sounds alot or sounds like a binge but it isnt.... its because your body just wants lots and lots of food and wants energy. But also if you have been very "strict" with your weight gain and eating, then i think this is your body saying that...."i need more food, 1900 isnt enough".

Its recommended that for weight gain you try to eat around 2500+kcal a day, because think if you are eating 1900 kcal a day and gaining weight, that means your metabolism isnt where it should be as most people eat around 1900 and maintain.

I think the best thing you can do - even if it seems scary. Allow yourself to eat.... whether its 2 days of lots of eating to give your body some type of peace or if its a week, it doesnt matter. Dont step on the scale... because really, you wont gain that much extra weight, it will be alot of water weight most likely but if your body is screaming for food, there is a reason for it.

Think like this.... everyday your body needs around 1200-1500kcal a day - just to function and to be alive... for all the processes in the body to work properly, and from those calories the brain needs around 800kcal a day (and needs glucose to function!). And then if you are studying that means the brain needs even more glucose each day, and during recovery your body is trying to repair itself from all the damage... the metabolism is trying to get back to normal and normal body temperature and all of that takes alot of energy, and then of course just moving and doing daily things such as walking to the fridge, putting on clothes, making food, going to the bathroom, taking a shower etc all of those things take energy, even just lying in bed or sitting and reading means your body is burning calories.

Nourish your body properly, give it enough energy and dont worry about overshooting your target. Your body needs the food... dont step on the scales for a week or two, just focus on giving your body food and being ok with it. And with a goal weight, you never know if that is your healthy weight... i was told that 58kg was my healthy weight, but now i weigh around 63-65kg and that is my healthy weight. But when i was in recovery i was set on having 55kg as my goal weight and i said i would never weigh more than that because then it would be "too much", who knew that i would weigh 10kg more than that and be ok with it. But that was because my body wasnt healthy at 55kg and my actual goal weight, where my body settled was 60kg (and then with strength training i gained muscle mass and now my healthy weight is a few kilo more). And that is ok, because weight is just a number. What you need to focus on is having a healthy mind and a healthy body no matter what the scale says, so try not to focus so much on a certain number or goal weight.... if you body needs food and you cant concentrate because you are so hungry, then you need to give your body more food!!!It will be ok, nourish your body and try to listen to your bodies signs!

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