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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Exercise and nutrition

All these ideas are great! I also thought maybe something about knowing how much to eat and nutrition once you start exercising more. I am starting to do a bit more, but I don't know the types of food I should be eating and the amounts. Exercise nutrition would be great :)

When it comes to exercise and exercise nutrition it all depends on what type of exercise you do, what are your goals and then your own body i.e metabolism, height, weight etc 
  But the most important in general is that if you dont want to lose weight while exerciseing then you have to eat more. Naturally most people do eat more when they exercise as their body wants more energy... so you might find yourself eating more at dinner or wanting an extra snack etc and that is all natural. For others though they can find that they cant or dont eat enough for their exercise amount. They dont get that extra hunger or dont want to eat more.
  That was how it was for me wheni was running c.a 10 km most days a week... i didnt feel that extra hunger, instead the running got rid of my apetite. So i ate alot less than what my body needed which resulted in my body going intostarvation mode.... depressed, big bloated belly, lack of apetite or binging, very tired but couldnt sleep etc
  Mentally and physically i wasnt doing so well. But when i rested and ate more my body got out of starvation mode and i was able to find the balance.

You may be thinking... well if i just go for a 20 minute walk or do some yoga, do i actually have to et more... yes, eat a banana or some nuts etc. How much more you need to eat, depends on what exercise you do. I mean if you go out and run 15km then you NEED to eat more... 

I like to think  of it like this... if i cant eat for my exercise levels then 1) im not going to perform as well 2) im not going to enjoy it as much 3) im going to feel more tired 4) im not doing any good for my body if i dont eat enough.
   So if i wanted to, i am sure i could go out and run everyday because i do enjoy running... but i know that i dont think i would eb able to eat the amount i need to... or maybe i could. But from my own experience, if i run distance too often my body just begins breaking itsself down. Thouigh this is just me.... there are many people who run distance who can eat enough. But just keep in mind, dont do a 2 hour workout and think its enough with an extra protein shake.

And now onto protein and protein powders... do you need it? I say no to protein powders. Most people get enough protein in their diet without it.. however if you are serious about gaining muscle and feel you cant eat enough protein through food or cant eat enough then protein powder can bea  good option. But otherwise i say, eat your protein through food. Its so much better than protein powder. When you exercise it is good to add in extra protein and if you strength train, then make sure to add in some more as your body needs it. But just as important as protein is extra carbs... because carbs is where your body gets your energy from. So you need to increase those as well.  So a goodpost workout snack is a banana/rice cakes and some eggs/greek yoghurt/tuna 

Depending on what exercise and how much you do it can be good to think about eating 1-2 hours before exercise and once again eating a snack/main meal within 30minutes of the end of your workout. This will give your body the energy it needs and fuel yourself properly.

These are just some general guidelines..... and what to eat? Well everything in moderation. Im not going to tell you whichfoods to eat because everyone likes different things and there is no point forcing yourself to eat egg if you dont like it, or forcing yourself to eat oatmeal... instead choose the foods you like and find balance :)


  1. Slightly wavering from the topic but I watched a programme on tv the other day where they did an experiment between men and women to see who got the most out of their workout - ie continued to burn fat once the workout had finished. The results were that for a woman to get the most out of a workout she had to exercise on a full stomach, whereas for a man he had to exercise on an empty stomach.
    Just thought I`d add this as I found it interesting.

    1. Hmm I've never heard about that before. And I guess what the definition of "get the most our of" depends on what the goal is? If it's in terms of weight loss then it's calories in v.s calories out at the end of the day... its like I go for runs or walks before breakfast but that's just a preference and if it were to "burn calories" that I went for walks, then it would still burn the same amount whether I ate before or after. I think whenever a person has rhe most energy is when they're workout will give the most!

    2. It was about the ability to carry on burning fat through the day after the work out. The women carried on burning fat if they exercised on a full stomach whereas if they didn't eat before hand they did not. If the men excercised on a full stomach they didn't burn fat after the work out but if they didn't eat before hand they did.

  2. Hey izzy. What is your whole take on protein powders or Pretoria products eg questbars? I know you spoke about it a bit above but are they bad for you, would you say?

    1. They're not necessarily bad for you but they aren't necessary either. I mean if you want to increase your protein intake you csn do that via food which would be much better. But of course a protein shake after a workout can be easier than bringing with yiu eggs, quark, chicken etc and a questbar is a good on the go snack, but I mean fruit or nuts are just as good!! They are just supplements and it's best to choose real food first and then add them as supplements if necessary... or just eat questbars here and there if you enjoy them. But I don't think questbars should replace meals or whole snacks.