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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Eat food you enjoy - look forward to the time when you can make your own food choices and eat the food you like

I think one of the best things with eating is when you eat something you really enjoy. When you just feel happiness and enjoyment because the food is so good... .I really hope that you can all feel that way someday, or have learnt to feel that way about food.

When you are recovered/healthy you get to make the choices over what you eat, because unfortunatly when you are in recovery you often have to eat food which you dont like, for example i was forced to eat alot of red meat which i disliked, but now have the choice to not eat it, and i also had to eat foods which i generally dont like but had to show that i could eat them but also prove to myself that i could eat the food and be fine. During recovery i didnt have much choice over what i ate, but my dietician did try to add foods which  i said i had liked before my eating disorder, to my meal plan.  When i began to eat more intuitevly and could make food choices for myself, but also not feel the compulsion to choose the lowest kcal option then i really began to enjoy food again. Because then i could make choices to eat food i like.

And that is the awesome thing about being healthy, free and recovered from my eating disorder. That the food i eat, i LOVE. It tastes great to me, even if it is weird combinations at times. And even if i eat similar meals daily it is because i love the food and/or the food combo and its what i want to eat.

Food and eating is so much more fun and enjoyable when you eat something you like. But also having the freedom and choice of what you want to eat. I dont eat or buy food i dont like, for example i dont like stor bought buns, croissants, cakes, biscuits etc but i love home made ones, so if i crave things like that then ill bake some. And somedays all i want is vegetables with salt and thats what ill eat, i dont feel the need to have to eat a certain way. I.e if i want vegetables and quorn for breakfast, ill eat that.... and somedays i might want breakfast food for lunch or dinner and thats ok and sometimes i will eat an extra dinner before bed because that is what i am craving. And that is what makes food so enjoyable for me, that i eat the foods i enjoy and crave. I mean nobody really likes having to force food they dont like into them.

So look forward to the days when you can choose what you want to eat and to eat all your favourite foods!! Of course it should be a balance as well, i mean i love vegetables but i also love chocolate, but i eat a balance of the two... because if i ate chocolate all the time it wouldnt taste as good but also if the only thing i ate was vegetables then that would get boring and wouldnt taste as yummy anymore, so mixing between the two (and of course everything else in between, hahaha... there is more food than vegetables and chocolate!)

Also, if you ever lose your appetite for some reason whether its stress, hormones, illness then try eating a favourite food/food combo. That is what helps me...  If i ever lose my appetite for some reason, but i know i need to eat then i'll eat foods which i know are my favourite and know i will be able to enojy even if i dont feel so hungry or feel the desire/need to eat.

Food should be enjoyed, not just seen as a "Must" or a "Have to". .I always feel sorry for people who say they hate eating and would prefer to just take a pill that has all the nutrients and energy... i mean how boring would that be?  Think of all the different tastes, food combos and different new foods you would miss out on. Food should be enjoyed, and that is what you should aim for. to enjoy food (though of course, not let food be the only thing in your life or develop a food addiction, that isnt good either. Food is yummy and delicious, but being addicted to food and always thinking about food or being unable to stop eating, that isnt good either. But thats a post on its own.)

Find the enjoyment in food and eating. Trying new combinations and new foods!!!

And if you have a favourite food/food combo, feel free to share below :) By now i am sure you all know my favourite foods!!!


  1. Peanut butter and....peanut butter!! :p I looove pb!! But I guess if I had to choose combinations with different foods haha I'd go with oatmeal with peanut butter (started typing peanut butter with oatmeal! :p) sometimes I put in a banana but there's just something about that warm peanut butter that I love. Same for a pannini pb and j or just pb, the warm peanut butter. And with chocolates still good too haha. I also really like full fat greek yogurt with pineapple or honeydew, mostly honeydew, the riper the better. It's ok with low fat or nonfat yogurt but I really like the consistency and the sour taste of the yogurt.

  2. I like freezing banana slices and then blending them in the food processor until its creamy. Sometimes I'll add in some peanut butter, nuts, milk, and/or chocolate too. :)

  3. Peanut butter on vanilla icecream with golden syrup drizzled on top - the peanut butter semi freezes and the golden syrup goes wonderfully thick and stringy - delicious!
    Apple batter pudding - like toad in the hole but with sliced apples instead of sausages
    - and baked beans and rice mixed together - don`t ask my how or why, I just like it!

  4. I long for the day when I can eat intuitively again. Those days when I used to seem to be a million miles away in the past but I guess I must have done at sometime. Just being able to have something when you feel like it instead of according to the clock - what freedom!
    Right now I am getting to grips with the results of my food intolerance tests and there are several big changes I have had to make to eliminate certain foods. Its not easy, the main foods I am intolerant to seem to be an ingredient in everything so there has been a lot of shopping and label reading going on. So I hope its worth it, and hopefully I`ll begin to feel better.
    How are you getting on with cutting out certain foods from your diet Izzy? Have the tummy pains got better?