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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

During the negative times its even more important with positive thinking

When everything goes wrong such as a whole apartment that needs to be fixed and i need to find a new apartment by the 1st of April, or an unexpected bill for €250 or a hip that allows you to barely do the basic movements like bend over or reach over your head..... well, then it requires some positive thoughts to balance those things.

So innitially i wanted to write and complain.... complain that adult life is tough, hahaha. But you know what, life is what you make it. If i want to see all these things from the negative perspective, then i can do that... but it wont help anything. What will help is to be positive and think positive. Things go wrong and you can't control life, but you can cantrol your reactions and emotions and that is what i am doing.

Like my teacher said yesterday, if you failed the test... then take a short moment to feel sad but then move on and keep going. And thats how it can be for life... things can go wrong and you need a moment to just feel sad or angry, but then you get back on track and realise things will be ok.

And after thinking like this, i feel alot better. Things feel more ok and in control again! So after a not so great day with so much hip/back pain, i am hoping for a better day today where i dont have as much pain this morning! Today i am also heading to Stockholm as i am going to the cinema with my sister and then sleeping at home (cant wait to see Daisy again!!! ) and then on Wednesday i have an appointment at the CF clinic and hopefully i can get a referral to a doctor who can look at my hip! Not so excited about the CF clinic and i more than ever wish that i didnt have to go there every 4-6 weeks, i wish it was like the follow up treatment at Mando where if you are doing fine you dont come back until 6-12 months later XD hahahah. But trying to stay away from the negative thinking here, so instead seeing the positives that i will get to see Daisy and spend time with my sister.... and eat different kinds of food (that my stomach can tolerate!) while at home!!! I mean there is alot more variety of foods at home than in my kitchen XD

Anyway, far too much talking and i need to pack and leave in the next 30 minutes, so for now... i hope you have a great day :):)


  1. Thank you, Izzy, and good luck today. I'm also struggling a little with negative/positive thinking -- I keep on going on about the silver linings and good things from certain things but part of one can't help but wish things were just different. Take care, and I hope it goes really well today.

  2. Hope you have a good day out with your sister - what film are you going to see?
    You are absolutely right when you say if you adopt a positive slant of how things are things seem better - not always easy but better than being miserable.
    Do you have to move out soon?