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Monday, February 15, 2016

Are your actions align with your goals?

Ask yourself, what is important in your life?
 What goals do you have and what dreams do you want to make a reality?

What is it in your life that you want to achieve? Sit down and think about these and then ask yourself.... Is weightloss/being skinny really that important? Are those goals that will make you happier, or are you forgetting about things in your life because of your goal of wanting to be skinny.

Ask yourself, are you living the life you want to live? Or are you just surviving, or accepting that you cant change..... because you can ALWAYS change, no matter what situation you are in, you can change it if you want to and work towards change.

Its important to be honest to yourself about your goals and also your priorities in life. Why you do things and whether they are for the right reason. You need to remember that you only have one life and it really isnt that long, and you should make the best of life.... make your life one that you enjoy, and ask yourself will having a super low fat percent, or visible abs, or being at a certain weight really make life more enjoyable and more memorable?

Its not a bad thing to care about how you look or want to FEEL good, but you cant let that take over your life either. I mean if you waste your life and suffer through life because you are convinced that you have to lose weight or that you will never be happy until you have visible abs... then maybe your focus is wrong and what you need to do is change your thoughts rather than your body?

Dont accept suffering or a life that you dont enjoy, instead be honest with yourself and ask yourself is this really how i want to live my life, or should i face my fears and make a change? Stepping out of your comfort zone is important life and even if its scary at times, it is definitely worth it most times, you just need to dare to do something different.

With this post i want to say, think about your goals and your dreams, and then think about your actions.... are your actions align with your goals? But also, will your goals make you happier and make your life better? But also, even if you have goals you cant forget to live life either.... goals are there to steer you in life, but sometimes you need to take a break from your goal reaching and realise it is ok to do something different now and again .... for example, my goal is to pass my course but that doesnt mean i spend 24/7 studying, i need to take a day or two off at times and live life as well, even if my main goal is to study and pass my courses, there is more to life. Just like with most goals - though not always. For example with recovery from whatever it is you are recovering from, then there is no day off, that has to be a daily goal until you finally reach the goal!!!

So..... are you living the life you want to live, or atleast taking steps towards the life you want to live? Are you happy, or what can you do to make yourself feel happier? And will weighing 10lbs less or losing 5% body fat really make you happier?

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  1. I`m happier enough with my weight gain - but its the bloating that's getting to me. surely this cant last forever? I am so sore I just feel bruised all over. how long does it last? try as I might I just can`t be happy about this although I know its a sign that my body is healing. I try to look at it positively but it is so hard.