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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Answers - swedish nutritional recommendations, getting paid for blogging

What do you think about the Swedish nutrition recommendations? Do you think it is the healthiest option you could follow? I´m always wondering that are there enough research behind them and is the evidence of those studies strong enough. What do you think?

I personally think that the recommendations are healthy and are what is best for the majority of healthy people who want to stay healthy. Because that is what the recommendations are for. If someone is at an extreme, either too low weight or too high weight, or has an illness then the recommendations are of course different, and that is what people need to remember. But also that the recommendations are set a "group level" and not an individual level. So every individual can adjust the recommendations based on how their body works or their lifestyle and such. For example some find that they function best with a lower colohydrate intake and more fats, while others are the opposite and find that they function better with more colohydrates and less fat. And that is inidividual, the recommendations arent saying that everyone should eat like this. But what i do like about the recommendations is that they encourage all the food groups, that a food group shouldnt be eliminated or severly restricted... but that all the macronutrients are needed for optimal health and thats what everyone should realise.

With studies, i havent read so many of the studies but what i know is that the recommendations and everything written about the recommendations is based on study and research, and unbiased research as far as i am aware. (Of course, correct me if i am wrong). But many diets or fad diets that come around, their "research" is biased and created in a way that they get the results they wanted... they arent fair studies. And if a study doesnt give them the results they wanted they have 5 others they can use. But also... many diets claim that their way works, and why it works is because people do it for a short term and restrict alot and lose weight.... thats why all the diets work, because their is a decrease in calories. But if a person finds a balance and learns lifestyle types, such as lets take the LCHF diet which is an extreme diet mostly and there is research behind it, but i wouldnt trust the research because there is lots of research and studies going against them, which says why too much fat is bad for the body. But for example, if someone starts the LCHF diet and learns healthier tips and habits, they might not be so strict, they still eat a moderate amount of carbs and enough protein and not too high fat and they change their lifestyle... then the "diet" works long term when all they really did was change their habits. But then if someone goes strict on the LCHF diet, loses lots of weight and doesnt change their lifestyle then the results wont last and the "Health benefits" they get was just because of the decrease in calories compared to before (i.e an overweight person who eats far too much each day, then decreases to the right amount they should eat... that will help their body and those results will show if they do tests), and if those results are taken into studies it shows that "positive results were shown" but it wont say anymore about whether the person regained weight afterwards etc etc

Back to the main question...... the recommendations are based on studies, however the studies are oftne done on people who have problems or have the capacity to show change. For example if you take 50 people with high blood pressure and you put them on a diet with less sodium and less sugar, then after a few weeks their blood pressure will have decreased and maybe decreased even more after another few weeks, and then they write that less sodium is a recommendation. The studies arent done on fully healthy people, because there isnt so much to change... if a person has a healthy fat percent or a normal blood pressure or heart rate, then they shouldnt exactly lower it.

So my teacher told us, that if someone is healthy then they can keep doing what they are doing. The recommendations are just that...recommendations but also about helping people make lifestyle changes and about staying healthy.

Long answer, hahaha... but when i am studying things like this i could write lots about it :)

And then. Have you ever thought about getting paid for blogging?
I have and i would like to.... but its not that easy, i dont even know where to start. I do have adds which i guess people can click on if they want to. And the adds are based on your personal searches, so they are individual. I once had someone who commented and told me my adds showed weightloss products and things.... but that is just a result of their own past searches. Google knows everything so to say.... i get dating adds and sports stores i buy prodcuts at XD

But i would like to make money, atleast have some type of monthly pay but i dont even know how to go about it. It would mean sponsorships, paid product views and co operations. But i dont know how willing i am to do a bunch of paid product reviews, i have been asked before. But i dont want to promote detox teas on here just to earn money, that is unethical and not to mention that i dislike detox teas. Reviews i write are always honest and products i have paid for myself, unless otherwise mentioned. 

In the future i might try to write articles or such for bigger recovery blogs/websites which might lead to some type of income, but i think its very hard to get paid for having a blog like mine.... its most often fashion or training blogs or huge other "interest" blogs that make money!!! But as i do put alot of time into blogging, it would be nice to get paid from it... but i just like knowing that i am helping people and making a difference in the world :)


  1. Thank you so much foe answering my question :)
    I think this topic is very interesting and there are alway people doing studies about these.
    And there are also a lot of people who are against the recommendations. Foe example about the amount of dairy that is good for you and also about wherter saturated fat is bad or actually good? And eating grains are the other thing that promotes a lot of debate. Interesting :)

    I´ve seen blogs where they promote or advertise food products like canned pineapple or fruit juices and makes up recipes from them. Maybe you could do something like that?

    Thank you! Have a nice day!

    1. There are so many studies and so many different "right and wrong" but many are very subjective. I think that as long as the recommendations keep being updated based on studies that are unbiased... such as if there comes lots of research and studies that shows new information then the recommendations might need to be changed. But i mean the recommendations can only be set on the knowledge they have now. But studies and research are always done!! It is interesting :)

      Hhaha, yeah maybe... :)

  2. On the second -- I imagine lots of us would love to see your blog win more awards -- I just don't know where or how to nominate you, and I am not connected to all the different kinds of social media that those sorts of nominations seem to rely on. But I would really, really like to see your work here recognised formally in some way. And I should think that many, many others feel the same.

    1. You're so sweet :) haha would love to be nominated or have my blog be able to help more, but not really sure how to get there either. :/ I guess just spreading the word and promoting but I don't really have the time for that.