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Thursday, January 28, 2016

When to start exercising again after a restrictive eating disorder

This is a question which i often get asked... and it's hard to say when you should. As it's different for everyone. But I would say when you are 2 - 3kg from your goal weight (Healthy weight)

Before that... well if it's any strenuous exercise it can cause more damage than good. I know some people love exercising, because they love it..m not because of any ED thoughts.  But then it should be more motivation for you to gain weight so that you can exercise again. You won't always have 0 activity.  It's just for now and it's important to listen to your doctors and to your body as well.  It takes a lot of energy for your body to gain weight,  so it doesn't help if you are exercising and burning calories.
Also It's easy that you begin abusing exercise. To compensate for eating, or to get rid of anxiety or that you end up doing more and more exercise just pushing yourself harder and harder. And that Is not good.
Even if you love exercise, don't let it be your only motivation to recover.  Because then its easy to over exercise as it was your only reason to recover.
   Remember that exercise should make your life better... be part of your life. Not the only thing in your life.

When you start exercising again i would suggest only doing light exercise like walks, yoga, leisurly swimming etc... you dont need to go full power and expect to run 10k or to squat 80kg.... You need to take it easy. Build up strength and endurance again. Think about your body, and all its been through. Start taking care of your body and listening to your body.

I know its tough for many to be restricted with exercise but its for the best, and its only for a period of time. Its better that you focus on other things like resting, eating, maybe meeting friends, baking/writing/watching films/playing music etc etc

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