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Sunday, January 10, 2016

When food is your only pleasure/ addicted and abusing food

Food is delicious and food is eaten for pleasure.  For most people, when they eat yummy food they can get these "feel good" feelings, though that is also why food can become an addiction and something people abuse. It's easy to turn to food to cope with emotions. You eat when you're sad,when you're happy,  when you're tired, when you're excited, when your celebrating etc etc

Food is delicious and it's ok to take more because something is yummy. Most people have times they disregard
d their fullness feeling and take more just because it is yummy or reach for the chocolate bar infront of them,  even if they aren't hungry.  But just because it's there. That's ok, food is yummy and gives you a sense of happiness as well as an energy kick hopefully. But if you begin abusing food, eating it because you know you get pleasure from it or emotional eating, that's when problems begin.

You might not listen to your bodies signals and ypu might not be choosing the best of food. Because let's be honest, if you're sad you are more likely to want chocolate than a bowl of oatmeal. Or if you want that "pleasure feeling" you ate more likely to go for chocolate or bread or sugary things than to go for alternatives, and when that becomes an everyday thing then the problems begin.

The important thing to remember is that there is more to life. You shouldn't feel like your whole life revolves around food, because that is still a food obsession. But also knowing why you turn to food, whether it's from emotions,  stress or pleasure seeking. Know that there are other ways to make you feel better such as talking to someone, writing, drawing and many other things.  Food is eaten to give you energy, and it's an enjoyment as well but if you are too focused on food then everything else in life seems to disappear, and that isn't much of a life.

Food can be an addiction, but unlike alcohol or drugs you can't just take away the addictive substance, you need food to live and it's an everyday thing. Just like if you suffer with binge eating, you can't just take away food and make them "sober" from their addiction.  Instead the problem is in the head and that needs to be solved and then maybe following a meal plan is recommended and finding other things to do when you want to eat due to emotions, pleasure or you feel binge cravings coming on.

Life should not be 100% focused on food. Food is just part of life, but of course it should be enjoyed but it shouldn't be an addiction either.

If your whole life revolves around food, you constantly think about food or use food to solve your problems or run from your problems,then I suggest you talk to someone and get help. Change your thoughts and try to structure up your eating as well as finding other things to do and focus on in life.


  1. Thank you, Izzy! thank you...

  2. Hi!

    I want to make a home gym, but I dont know what the most important equipments are. I wabt to do strengh training, and I dont want to spend a lot of money. I will buy one or two bigger machines(?) and smaller things (like kettlebell, medicine ball, weights) but I don't know how much weight do I need to buy? (In kgs)
    And can I be as much muscular as a person would be who goes to the gym?