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Saturday, January 2, 2016

What I ate today

If you find these types of posts triggering then maybe you can skip them. But I don't do them so often so sometimes if rhey are requested I can make a post :)

Today I've had very weird cravings and not eaten so "normally" :)

Breakfast: natural yoghurt with salted peanuts & can of tuna with cottage cheese.

Snack:  5 gingerbread biscuits (I. E "pepparkakor ")

Lunch: roast potatoes with smoked salmon

Snack: 1/2 avocado, 2 boxes of cocktail tomatoes, peanuts and a row of chocolate

Dinner: Quorn bolognaise with peas, cottage cheese and some potatoe salad and pizza sauce (XD) (not so much food at home so just used what we had at home)

Night snack: going to make scones so going to have one or two of those with spread and maybe some yoghurt with muslie as well :)

1 comment:

  1. Hi Izzy!

    I like the roasted potatoes to with guacamole, but I can't preapare them. How do you do that?
    My other question is that my dad is commenting on my food and my diet.I most recently experienced it when I started to have an ED and I was eating health, but I ate every type of food yet. My dad is a little bit overweight, and he tries to force everyone to eat knuckle, bacon and greaves. I havent eaten this things years ago, because i hate them, or these are just not important for me to break my diet. (I am recovered) I am not eating a lot, and I try to eat as much healthy things as I can, but at least two (but iften more) times I am eatung unhealthy things.(sometimes instead of my main meals, sometimes not)
    I feel I am eating what I need, and I dont know why did he started the commenting now. (Maybe because we had a lots of arguments when I was sick, because of the same reason, and he just did not dare it)
    What do you think about it?
    (It doesn't trigger me as it triggeres before,but these comments are unneseccary)