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Friday, January 22, 2016

The future holds uncertainties and hard decisions to make

At the moment there are lots of uncertainties in my life. So many thoughts in my head about many different things.  What is right or wrong. Where do I want my choices to lead me? Have I made the right choices?

Questioning things in my life and trying to sort out my future when all of it is so unknown.

For now I know that I am going to study this course and try to find living in the town I study at. And I'm also aiming to do this type of university test which tests your maths, swedish and English.  (I've done it once before ) but I want to improve my results which might help me get into the dietician program in autumn. Which brings me to, I am going to apply to other universities next autumn. I love where I am studying now, but I only applied there as that was the only university offering rhe dietician program for spring.  But in autumn there are more universities offering the program so hopefully I will get in to one of those,or study the next course at the university I am studying at. If there is one thing I am sure about at the moment, is that I know I want to study nutrition and/or exercise. I love learning more in these topics and I am excited and happy to open my books and read more, I know this is what I want to study anyway.  But I am disheartened about the fact that I don't have the safety of knowing that I have a 3 year program which will lead to a degree.  But that's life, and life is never certain or sure. There are always changes and things don't go as planned.

But I have so many thoughts right now and its making me unfocused and unable to do certain things but trying my best anyway!!

Everything happens for a reason and I'm sure things will workout however they turn out. For now I just need to focus on my studies at the moment,  not what I will be doing in 6 months time.



  1. As you say, life is never certain - and we never know what is around the corner. It sounds as though you are in a good place in the present in many ways, doing the course you love and knowing so clearly what you want to do, even if you don't know the steps it will take to get there. That's about as much as anyone can know. You're doing brilliantly.

    1. Ohh thank you, and as you wrote... just knowing what i want to do and study at the moment is a pretty big thing, as many people my age and even older have no idea what they want to study or work with.
      Thank you :)

  2. Life has a funny way of working itself out - I`m a great believer of that. What is uncertain now will become clearer as time passes. You know the direction you want to head in, that's the main thing and a massive step forward.
    Hang in there, its early days and so far you`re doing great ((()))