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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The fear of weight gain

Weight gain. It isn't a big deal.

Think rationally about weight gain. Well first off if you have measured yourself on a scale it means that the number on the scale has gone up. But the scale measures of everything.... muscle, fat, hair, clothes,  organs etc the scale can not tell you whether you are just boosted and hold water or if you have gained 2kg of weight.

For me personally,  if I am bloated the scale will show 2-3kg more than my actual weight. And then 24 hours later when I'm not bloated I'm back down to my normal weight. Did I lose 2-3kg of weight? Well I lost the water my body was retaining and maybe I had eaten more the day before or something.

Weight gain is not something you should panic about and especially not if your body needs it. Despite what media tells us, weight gain can be good and necessary.  But also if you are underweight and need to gain weight, then gaining weight isn't as easy as it may seem.

The important thing is to detach yourself from the scale and the number on the scale. Ask yourself what does the number actually matter? Why is it important or why should it control how you feel? Why should the number on the scale define you? The number on the scale only really matters to you, nobody else sees it anyway. Nobody goes around and wonders how much people weigh but even if they did, what would it matter. Because weight is just a number and in the end, what matters most is your health,mentally and physically.  The doctors can give you a goal weight but that doesn't mean that your body or mind will be healthy at that weight. There is not a magic number that you can decide you will be healthy at either, but your body decides for you and you need to learn to accept that. Fighting your body,  just to weigh a certain number is 1) time consuming 2) will lead to consequences and 3) won't work long term.

Weight gain is not a bad thing and if you think rationally, it isn't anything to be scared of either. Weight gain is not the end of the world.

Throw away your old, too small clothes.
Delete old pictures if they are triggering.
Let go of your sick goal weights.
Stop following certain accounts or looking at thinspo

Focus on new healthier goals.
Find new clothes which will fit you better.
Focus on things you will be able to do again when you have gained weight.

The number on the scale is just a number. The main goal is to be healthy, no matter what the number on the scale says.

And unless you have a medical reason  such as thyroid problems or other problems or are binge eating which causes you weight gain, then I wouldn't worry if you go up a few kilo, because often your body will regulate that if you are a normal weight.

And please also remember, a few kilo difference in weight makes no difference to your body or appearance!!!

There is so much more in life that you should take up your brain space and things you should think about rather than your weight. Don't let your weight control you!! You are more than a number  and even if you think that number is too high, it most probably isn't. You should let your body adapt and see where it feel best and not just try to maintain a certain weight because that is where you think you are healthiest.

Focus on loving yourself and loving your body. Weight, just like height are just numbers they do not define you!!


  1. <3 thanks so much Izzy for such an amazing post this was just what I needed to hear today <3 xxx

  2. I don`t like weighing myself full stop, infact I dread Tuesdays because that is the one day a week when I weigh myself. I remember reading Izzy that when you were an inpatient they didn't let you see the scale, which I think that's a good idea. thing is I`m torn between wanting and needing to keep track of my weight so I know when to make adjustments and make sure I`m gaining and also so that I can adjust mentally to the weight gain. before Christmas I went two months inbetween dietician appointments and during that time didn't weigh myself so when I did get weighed at my next appointment there was obviously quite a jump which took me ages to get my head around it.
    so what do you think? weigh on a weekly basis or not?
    I know I need to gain weight but that knowledge doesn't stop it feeling scary. common sense screams at me to fight those feelings and I am trying, but it is so hard.