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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday thoughts

Hello :)

Its Sunday 17th January and i cant quite decide whether i think the time is going by fast or not. I guess the beginning of the year always feels like time slows down compared to the last few weeks of the year where time just flies by and you think about the whole year that has passed, but now i have a whole year infront of me with things to look forward to or plans to make. Nothing really planned for this year, not yet anyway!

But what i was going to write about is the fact that tomorrow i start university....So strange. I havent quite realised it yet.... Tomorrow and for 6 months (minimum) it will be back to studying. So strange to think. I still feel like a 12 year old at times who couldnt even think as far forward to now, when university is a real thing and an actual thing in my life. I mean university students always look so old, so mature..... and here i am, feeling like a 10 year old. Hahahah.  I know i am mature in some sense but i guess what defines an adult, there is still so much to learn and to know!!

Today i am preparing for tomorrow and im going to buy train tickets so i can get to the university (as there are different zones and so i need a new ticket for the University zone) and also buying some notepads and going to see whether they have any of my books in the bookstore which i can buy. I was also looking at the time table for the trains and the days that i start at 8am (and finish at 3 or 4pm), i will have to leave the house at 6.15am..... That makes me tired just thinking about it.  Leave the house at 6.15am, then back in Stockholm by around 6pm, then maybe workout (most likely not... but if i do i wont be home until 8 or 9pm.... and then its just to get up around 5am the next day again.). Usch, i am going to have to do something about my sleep, because otherwise there will be no way i can get up at 5 and survive on 3 hours sleep. -_- Anyway, luckily the first two weeks i begin at around 10am, so wont have to leave until around 8 so i mean, i can get up at 6 and manage that and hopefully my sleep routine will get better!!!

I am excited, but also so extremely nervous and anxious. I cant even put it into words, and there is alot i have kept from blogging about. But i am very anxious, nervous and scared. But i know once i  begin things will feel easier. For now its just fear of the unknown i guess!!

Anyway, for now i need to get ready as i am leaving to go into town with my dad and sister and to get some things done and buy the tickets and notepads and such. And then family dinner and then just an evening mentally preparing for tomorrow!!!

I hope you have a lovely day and a lovely Sunday. Rest up and prepare yourself for the new week :)

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  1. Haha, I felt exactly the same before starting university! This year is my 4th one there but I'm still feeling like a freshman in a way, even though haft the students there are now younger than me :D:D And many of my friends say that they still don't feel mature, too, although they've been studying uni for as long as don't worry about what will come next, just let it happpen and try to enjoy it ;)

    1. Hahaha, being an adult or going ot university definitely doesnt mean you feel like an adult... it just means you have more responsibility and should behave somewhat mature and adult like XD

  2. All the best Izzy and I hope you enjoy University :) X

  3. You are going to have a wonderful time izzy! Uni is amazing!! Quick question for you (if I may), do you always eat a prerun snack? I usually go for a run when I wake up and so I have a banana or a some spoons of yogurt, run (or jog hahaa) for 20-30 min and then have breakfast. Do I always need to eat something?

    1. Thank you :) I would suggest eating something like a banana or dried fruit can be good and then a proper breakfast afterwards :) But for me personally i dont eat anything beforehand and just eat a big breakfast afterwards, but that is a personal preferance. And if i know i will run in the morning i eat a double big night snack so that all that energy will be used in the morning for my run and then i refuel afterwards. But i would suggest eating something small beforehand :)

  4. All I can say is:
    Go get em!!!
    You are smart and wise beyond your years
    You will be amazing
    But of course it's normal to feel scared
    That means that you actually care about this
    Soon those nerves will turn in to excitement
    And after a couple of weeks
    You will get in to a routine
    And it will become your new normal
    As humans
    We adapt very well
    Change seems hard before we do it
    But after its done
    We wonder what we were worried about

    Best of luck Izzy
    From one Irish girl to another x

  5. Good luck Izzy - hope your first day goes well for you. Yes there will be hic cups and yes it will all feel strange at first, but you will get used to the change and have a wonderful time. Once you get there and start doing things I`m sure you`ll be fine, fear of the unknown is huge but once that unknown becomes familiar, the anxiety goes.
    Best of luck and feel proud for all that you have achieved to get where you are today. Look forward to hearing all about it!

    1. Thank you :) My anxiety has definitely gone down now that i have started and feeling more in control and organized again :) So that feels good!