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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Not everyone with an eating disorder is underweight

Something which I want to apologize about on my blog is that I can often write  "isn't it better to be a healthy weight and healthy  than to be underweight and sad " or other things, where I sort of jump to the conclusion that the person is underweight.  And usually when I get questions the person specifies whether they are underweight or not, however in my advice posts I make them a little too aimed, or what it may seem like aimed at, those who are underweight.

But I KNOW that people can have an eating disorder without being underweight, and this needs to be acknowledged more. People can be any age or size and have an eating disorder. And not everyone with an eating disorder needs to gain weight. So I do apologise if i write that "ypu need to gain weight" and other things where it seems like only if you are underweight you can recover.  That is not the case at all.

Don't ever feel like you need to lose weight just to "show that you are sick" or to validate that you are sick. You don't need to be underweight to recover. You still need to find balance with food and work with your thoughts as well as accepting your bodies natural set point and healthy weight.  Those are all things you need to do and gaining/losing weight are just burdens.

I am pretty sure I will still write certain phrases or formulate things badly at times,  because I do know that many of my readers are underweight,  but I also know there are many who are normal weight and struggle just as much, so weight loss is not a sign of how bad a person is struggling.  Weight loss is a consequence of the eating disorder.

Some phrases I write and where I say that weight gain is a good thing, that is to take the negativity away from weight gain. Because you know what, even if you are a normal weight, it is not the end of the world if you gain weight. Weight gain doesn't have to be negative even if media seems to portray it like the worst thing ever. Weight gain can be good even if you aren't underweight.

I hope you understand and can understand that in general the information I give is aimed to everyone struggling... but once again,  the advice someone with restrictive eating needs to hear isn't the same as someone dealing with binge eating.  But I try my best to help everyone though alot of the information is of course aimed at recovering from restrictive eating... though I've suffered from binging and purging so I try to help with that as well :)

I just wanted to write this post as it was something i realised and thought maybe i should mention and apologize for. 


  1. I think you don't need to apologize yourself cause you made nothing wrong ;).
    You are writing your story and YOU needed weight gain.
    I think it is clear that not all eating disordered people need to gain weight. I mean when we search mistakes we will even find more. But that is not the point. Your story is about YOUR anorexia story and people who are underweight need to gain weight to feel better. Anyway, you make a good job with your blog.

    1. Thank you. Well in my own story I of course write about myself and my journey. But I mean in my advice posts it feels like I often write "you need to gain weight" but not everyone needs to do that, even if they suffer from anorexia. ... so i just felt i needed to point that out and that I don't mean to generalise or invalidate someone's illness because they aren't underweight. But thank you so much :)

  2. I agree. I think you cover aspects of eating disorders pretty fairly and your emphasis from what I can gather has always been to be healthy, whatever weight that may be.
    Don`t berate yourself - you have done nothing wrong. I have yet to find a more comprehensive, balanced and fair source of information for my ed - you have helped me more these last few months of recovery than my own health service has. Be proud!
    ps. talking of weight - as we in England say - "you`re worth your weight in gold" (())

    1. Naaw thank you :) I just thought I should mention it as I don't want to make people feel bad or invalidate their struggles or illness because they aren't underweight, when in fact they suffer just as much as someone who is underweight. But thank you :)

  3. I started reading your site when I was struggling with bingeing without purging, having been anorexic long ago. I never felt like you didn't acknowledge the problems people can have at healthy weights, I never felt like you were trying to make me gain weight when I was already a healthy weight. I really appreciate the way you recognise the spectrum of needs across different eating disorders and different stages of recovery, near recovery, and so on. I've been through a lot of the other issues too, and I appreciate that the community here is a very broad one. You do good work on your blog Izzy. My only real concern these days is for you and your health with the depression and the decision not to pursue therapy and so on. Take care, and thank you for your example and companionship along the various journeys we're all pursuing. Happy 2016.

    1. Thank you so much. I just don't feel therapy will help me... or maybe it will, but I'm not proactively trying to seek a therapist, not now anyway... but maybe in the future if need be :) and happy 2016!

  4. I think that maybe one reason you gravitate towards that is because it's the experience you had. You were severely underweight and had to gain weight so that's the experience you write about. Since being at a healthy weight, I've never felt like you're suggesting that I gain more weight and I understand that what you're writing about is from your perspective and experiences. Just like no two people with eating disorders are the same, people should respect that you therefore may write about something from a certain perspective and that's okay. If you feel conscious of it then maybe make an effort to tell people that they need to be adequately nourishing their bodies? Often people who suffer with eating disorders at higher weights are just severely nutrient-deprived. Love your blog, happy new year and hope you have an healthy and happy 2016!

    1. Thank you!! And that's a good way to put it with "adequately nourishing their bodies" :)
      Happy 2016 to you too :)

  5. Hello! Do you use Twitter? I'd like to follow you if that would be ok.
    I'm definitely enjoying your blog and look
    forward to new updates.