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Thursday, January 28, 2016

No trains, missed lecture, donuts and snowstorm

Where do i even begin with this day?

Well i can start when the alarm rang at 4.30am... i had roughly 5 alarms this morning as i was unable to sleep last night, so fell asleep around 2am and knew i would have to get up so early. But my boyfriend bought me a radio alarm for christmas and i had used it once before but then it woke my sister as well, but i thought that i needed a backup because if my phone alarm doesnt ring or i sleep through it or turn it off, then i wont wake until far too late. So luckily i got up in time.

And i felt awful this morning. I didnt want to go to university and i had incredible stomach pain, so much pain that i wanted to throw up though i had yet to eat anything. But i knew i had to take myself to school as it was a very important lecture i had to go to... otherwise i would have just skipped today as i felt so unmotivated, tired and in pain. But once i left the house things just went down hill....

Trains weren't going so i had to find alternative ways to get to my destination. The fact that the trains wereny working meant that hundreds of people were affected and i couldnt check the app to see what alternative ways there were. And not to mention that the central station was packed with people and it was almost impossible to make my way forward. But eventually 90 minutes or so later i made it to a station where the trains were supposed to be going from, only to be met by crowds of people who were also stuck waiting there. No sign of trains going and i knew i would be late... so i emailed my teacher that i would be late or unable to make the lecture, which means an assignment at home instead :/ But i stood at the station for a while, thinking i could make it to my second lecture... but the trains were still not going and a taxi would cost around €200, so in the end i gave up and headed to a huge centrum and sat and got some work done and drank coffee  while i waited for my mum to pick me up, as the puublic transport wasnt going as it should and it would take me almost 90 minutes to get home. And i had been trying to get to my university for 2,5 hours.... However i wasnt the only one unable to make the lecture, many others travel from stockholm as well, and they decided to stay at home and study at home, so i am going to do the same thing.

It had been such a stressful morning, and i hate il. i hate when things like this happen. But as i wrote yesterday, everything happens for a reason.

Also, my lunchbox had opened and my bag and myself began to smell of brocolli... hahahha, not a nice smell at all XD

Anyway oday i am going to study and be at home. Get some packing done. And also... donut test!!! Hhhahah, my first Dunkin donuts ever :):) So pretty!! (But so bland.... hahah, the ones i made myself tasted so much better. But this was on my bucketlist :))

Also, i picked up a package.... i bought these peanut butter for €1 each ^_^and then chia seeds and some protein puddings which are a great snack to bring with me!!

Photos taken in my sisters room XD


  1. So sorry to hear that you had such a bad morning :( But at least the day got a yummy ending XD
    Could you write a review on those peanut butters? I´ve always wanted to try them.
    Thanks! Have a nice evening and I hope tomorrow is better.

    1. Not sure if i am going to write a review in a post, so ill just write one here :)
      The almond butter cookie one is delicious (why i bought two!!). Its kind of sweet and runny, but in small amounts it is delicious.
      And the cranberry peanut butter was super delicious, however the cinnamon raisin one didnt taste so good according to me... it was sort of strange and the combo didnt really work.

  2. I don't mean to start obsessively commenting on every post you make! This time of year makes me so anxious, constantly checking the weather forecast updates and fretting about the cold, wind, heavy rain, and even before any disruption actually happens it turns me into a bag of nerves.

    You're totally right though, things don't go as planned, and everything has to happen for a reason. You coped awesomely and stayed positive, and that's all that matters. Even your donut wasn't smiling as much as you :D

    1. Dont worry, i love when people comment so you can comment whenever or if you have any questions :)

      I know it sucks with the bad weather, but try to make the best of each day, despite what the weather is. I mean you cant control the weather, you can just control your reactions and how you think/what you do :)

  3. Oh I hate days like this too - when nothing goes right. But it turned out ok in the end, at least you tried to get to uni.
    I am so envious of your range of foodstuff in Sweden - why can`t we have flavoured peanut butter in England!
    Hope you enjoyed your doughnuts and had a good rest of the day

    1. I am sure some stores might sell flavoured peanut butters :) If there is an "american" part of the store, or if you buy online :)

  4. I think I had only bought donuts a couple of times, but that six donut pack looks very delicious. The photographs with the smiley face donut got me confused in a positive way. Thank you for sharing. I hope things have been going on well for you. Greetings from Mexico :).