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Friday, January 1, 2016

New years Eve and January the 1st

Hello :)

Yesterday evening was such a fun evening. I wasn't quite sure how I would manage to stay awake but I was up until 3am and wasn't even feeling tired then.

As mentioned before my friends came to my house (a total of 10 of us including my boyfriend and I). For dinner we made pizzas using a pizza kit and I was hoping that people would enjoy it and luckily they did! Then when the food was eaten the drinking began and there were a bunch of drinking games played and even if I had planned to not drink and knew i shouldn't,  I couldn't help myself from taking a few shots. I felt the effect quickly and then stopped as I knew I didn't want to be hungover or drunk. However 2 of my friends didn't think that way and got a little too drunk but the rest of my friends atleast drank a sensible amount. it wasn't until afterwards when I saw all the bottles and mess that I realised that it wasn't just " dinner and some wine " which I had told my parents, hahaha. Luckily nothing broke though. When it was 00.00 we stood and watched the fireworks and then the dancing began and by 1am/1.30am we were all feeling tired and by 2.30am my friends had left, and luckily all of them made it home safe!!! When I see people who are very drunk it makes me realise why I don't drink and definitely don't want to be drunk.

It's also nice to wake up on the 1st of January and start my day with a long walk outside!! i was wide awake eveb if i had only slept 4 hours. Though once the cleaning was done I sat in the sofa and it wasn't long until I had fallen asleep and that's where my boyfriend found me, hahah.

Now we're just after eating a late lunch /dinner at TGIF and now we're going to watch some movies. A pretty awesome Friday and start of the year.... though unfortunately this morning I was a bit of a wreck. I felt so extremely awful and there was a clump of anxiety of panic inside of me, and it has mostly faded now but for once it actually feels good to not be alone because it keeps me distracted and keeps me from feeling the way I did this morning (most probably due to the lack of sleep the past while and also the alcohol consumed yesterday ). For now I'm going to make the best of this day and tomorrow I need to try get around to quite a few things!! Taking one step forward each day and today my step forward abd change is to not sit alone when I am feeling very down and when I am struggling with alot of dark thoughts, but instead spending time with someone and keeping myself distracted!! Small success, hahah! Also need to buy myself a diary so I can begin to write and journal :)

How has your day been?

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