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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My weight gain/weight distribution in pictures? Yes/no

I began thinking, would any of you find it helpful or want to see if I did a picture series thing showing my weight gain and how the weight distributed. From April 2011 when I choose to recovery, to spring 2012 when I began to lose weight and binge /purge again, and then reaching my normal weight autumn 2012, and then how my body had changed from 2013-2016 wuth strength training?

Would that be interesting or triggering?  Of course it would just be MY weight distribution, bht to show the bloating and such and how I looked disproportionate for a while etc....

It's up to you to vote and I'll take it from there whether I should keep this just as an idea or actually make the post ;)


  1. Thank you, Izzy.
    I'd find it interesting, but I don't think it would help me with my own situation. I've been at a healthy BMI for years and years ... but I'm not sure if I've really reached "healthy set point" and stayed there, as I know I am still scared, and I never quite believe that I'm naturally this weight, though I always eat when I'm hungry and sometimes at other times. My stomach moves between very bloated and massively distended. Sometimes it really upsets me, and it can be physically as well as psychologically uncomfortable. I have had problems with binging, but it isn't extreme any more, and I don't think it accounts for the way my stomach is. I probably do have an inherited tendency to distribute weight esp. on the stomach, but I still wonder if there is anything I can do, or indeed if I should find out if there is something wrong with me. It makes me not want to leave the house, not want to do exercise etc etc, though other times I think beyond it, and I am every bit well enough to know that it is stupid and unnecessary to waste one's life worrying about this ... I don't mean by that to suggest that it is "stupid" when one is really sick, and I know how hard the struggle is when one is back there, and I am really sorry so many people are still there. But by the time one has been dealing with it for this long, and is this near being properly well, it does feel very stupid.

    1. PS also, thank you so much for your blog, and for being so wonderful! :)
      warmest wishes

    2. If you are having problems with bloating and it's very painful I would suggest going to a doctor or maybe making changes to your diet. For me i was (and still am in some ways) having alot of stomach pain and bloating. It was horrible and I had to cancel plans as it was painful and so bloated and it wasn't a vanity thing,but that it was so physically uncomfortavle). But now in making changes to my diet and so far it seems to be helping. I did tests and it showed I had inflammation and infection in my body from the food I was eating which most likely is causing the bloating. So for a few months im following these changes and hopefully it will make things better :) it's tough with bloating when it's a constant thing and the physical pain stops you from living life. I.e it's one thing if it's a self conscious vanity thing and you don't want to show that you are bloated, compared to when the pain and discomfort stops you from living life. However bloating can happen for many reasons such as stress or hormonal imbalance, but do see if you can make changes in your diet or go to a doctor which might help :)

    3. Also a note, if you have been binging that will mess up your metabolism alot so if you're still binging then your metabolism might not be working properly and your digestive system isn't working properly which can lead to bloat. But also... too much fiber or too little fiber in your diet can cause bloating. .. hahah. Basically a process of elimination to find the root cause and solve the problem!

  2. Hi!

    In my opinion this post would be great! I really-really want that, it would help me alot. If there are some who would be triggered, just skip it! It is not neseccary to check/read that post, but it would help a lot for others. It is individual, but for me, personally would be a huge motivation. I am alwyas writing as an anonimus, but i am commenting a lot, and how I said recebtly, you are a grear motivation. To be healthy and strengh train, your smile on your face, shiny, healthy hsir. You always give me a happy-packet with those type of post.But thats jus

  3. * your decision, but you wouldnt do something bad with that. <3

  4. I would find it interesting :)

  5. I d love to see it

  6. Yes, it would be really interesting to see that post. :)

  7. i would like to see it :)

  8. I certainly think it would be helpful and not "triggering". :)

    Plus, I think it's useful for those unsure of 'healthy' or surrounded by those with an unhealthy view of weight and body shape.

    [Besides, if one's aim is healthy then your snaps shouldn't be "triggering" but refreshingly honest] X

  9. I would find it extremely helpful!

  10. Definetely! That would be interesting and helpful:)

  11. Yes I'm going through the recovery process now and Im trying not to relapse while waiting for weight dustribution. This post would be encouraging! (:

  12. If you could put this post together I would be very interested in seeing it, thankyou!

  13. To be honest it could help me so much because I actually have big anxiety about it. The redistribution is so disproportionate actually ... Everything is going on my belly and my legs are so skinny and arms too :(. I look like a pregnant girl, I only see my belly it is really hard emotionally :/ ...