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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Moving day

Good morning:)

So yesterday was moving day and it was such a long day...and of course i left the packing until last minute.

The morning started with a gym session, and finally i had lots of time... of course a bit of pressure as i had to get home to pack, but i still knew that i had more than 50-55 minutes!! Then home to pack and throw my things into boxes. Though while packing i had a bit of an accident... or well, i was packing things from a bottom shelf and then i stood up too fast and i felt how it all went black and was just spinning and before i knew it i had fainted. I know i have low blood pressure so if i stand up too quickly it can spin, but its scary when it all goes black and you just sort of lose control and you feel the world spinning. Safe to say my mum isnt so excited about me moving away now, but i think i just need rest and sleep. To take a step back and maybe not try to do 150% and 5 things at the same time, neither my body or mind can handle it. But i feel better now anyway, i didnt hurt myself luckily.... ive fainted a few times in my life and once i ended up hitting the back of my head against a doorknob and so there was a huge bulge at the back of my head which began swelling. So it meant to drive quickly to the nearest hospital where i had to have a CT scan to check if anything serious had happened... luckily not, but i still have a small bump at the back of my head, but its better than having some sort of serious brain damage, fracture or blood clot!

Anyway, back to my actual day... I managed to get everything into boxes, move my furniture down to the living room so it would be easier to then move to the van we rented. And then it was just to sit and relax for a while before we then had to get all the items down to the bottom level (luckily there's elevators! 16 flights of stairs isn't fun to try to get heavy furniture and boxes down). We then packed everything in the van, my step dad and sister went in the van and I went with my mum in the car and then when we got to the apartment it was just to begin loading into the new apartment and room and once that was done my step dad had to drive back to Stockholm with the van as we only got to rent it for 4 hours. So then my sister helped me set up my room and pack away my items and my mum went to get take away - sushi for them, chicken for me. And after that I went food shopping. ... and I was so tired that I just sort of wondered around for 20 minutes unsure of what to buy. I mean when I live at home I know the basics are there and I just do "complementary shopping" but now I needed all the basics and all those extra things like oil and salt and not to mention tooth paste,toilet paper, washing powder and dish washing soap (?.. haha what's it called?). But I think I managed to get what I needed, otherwise I'll go back. But it's definitely less fancy food you eat when you are on a budget, but luckily I've always been someone who saves and knows about the cost of things so I'm not so worried about breaking my budget, as long as no crazy bills or accidents happen!!

Anyway, when it was around 9pm my sister and mum left and I was so tired so it was just to fall asleep at once, and then I slept 11 hours I was so exhausted!

Today I'm going to explore where I live, and then as I have no Internet where I live at rhe moment, so I'm going to sit in a library until closing time and then home to just relax before a week of lectures!

So far it doesn't feel so bad, my room mate is away this weekend so I have the house to myself. But that's ok (I haven't even been here 24 hours XD). The worst right now is just that I don't really know where I am... so I'm going to look at Google maps,  do some exploring and then I know I'll feel more at ease when I feel that I can locate myself!! Hahah. This town is still a new town for me and I have only been in the city centre twice... xd

Anyway, this was a long post... but that's because I don't have Internet (just on my phone but not much left as it's the end of the month XD) so I thought I'd write everything at once as I don't know when I'll update again!!!

So have a lovely Sunday :)


  1. Look after yourself, Izzy! Rest well -- and good luck in the new place

  2. Hope you`re settling in ok and finding your way around. I remember the first food shop after moving - really expensive as you have to get all the store cupboard stuff as well as food! Once you`ve stocked up it`ll` get cheaper, its just that initial blow out.
    Hope you`re ok after the fainting episode, I`ve got low blood pressure too so can relate to the spinning sensation when you get up too quickly - not nice.
    Hopefully your Sunday is a relaxing one and you can recharge your energies for the week ahead.
    Have a good weekend and look forward to hearing all your news about your new home and town when you get an internet connection!

    1. Yes exactly, the first shop you need to get all the necessities and other household items, but then atleast i wont have to buy them for a while :) Ive been fine since, so thats good... though i feel both mentally and physically very tired... so trying to take it easy anyway, not overdo things.

      I hope you had a lovely weekend and have a great new week (and month!!)

  3. Har du smakat de nya kvargsmakerna från Lindahls?? Sååååå himla goda!!!!:):)

    1. Inte än, har inte hittat... men blev besviken på förra nyheterna, så är inte super taggad på att testa, hahaha. Tyckte mest dem var slöseri av pengar, men om jag hitter dem ska jag testa!