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Monday, January 4, 2016

Monday 4th January 2016

Good morning :)

Just like everyone else this morning I'm going to remind you all that,it's the first Monday of the new year.... and what better day than to focus 200% on your goals and male a change!! :)

That's how I'm feeling anyway!

Yesterday was not such a good day as planned. After my breakfast I got alot of stomach pain (due to my CF) and that lasted the whole day which meant that all the plans I had for the day had to be cancelled.  When I have that amount of stomach pain it's impossible to do anything as well as not being able to eat so much, so the day was just spent in bed mostly. Then around 6pm I was so tired and couldn't keep my eyes open so fell asleep for 3 hours and then woke up, felt a little better so got something to eat, took my medicine, brushed my teeth and fell asleep again and slept for 9 hours. Basically my body and mind were very tired as well and I needed all those hours of sleep. One of the worst things though is when you know you should sleep and ypu want to sleep, but you can't seem to sleep so then you are like a zombie during the days until eventually you just "crash" and have a day where you sleep 80% of it away and then feel recharged. But that is not a way to live or have your sleep schedule. 8 hours each night is better than 4 hours each night for a week then and then sleeping 16 hours the 8th day.

Anyway, today I am finally feeling refreshed and energized. No brain fog or morning tiredness,  just ready for the day!!

Today I'm heading up to the university area where I will study so that I can look at the area more and this time think of it as "this is where I am going to be for the next 6 months - 3 years". Feels strange and also very scary. There is definitely a part of me not ready for this change and just wants to scream stop.... but that won't help things either.  Change needs to happen in life. I'm also going to look at a room in an apartment which I might want to live in if I get along with the other person/she gets along with me. There might also be another room I get to look at, that depends if they didn't find someone else yesterday, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!

For the rest of the week I have things to fix and also have the CF clinic, which terrifies me as I am pretty sure they will want to put me as inpatient for IV antibiotics.... despite doing things right my body doesn't seem to want to Co operate and get better,  and if anything it's getting worse... but who knows maybe things are better, but I'll find out on Thursday.  But I'm pretty much preparing for the worst, and am actually going to bring my mum with me... the first time in 4 years that I've allowed her to come with me to the cf clinic.  But that's because I need moral support and well she will be good at convincing the doctor that I can take the medication and IV treatemnt at home. But I'm going go try not worry about that now, instead just focus on each day and doing the best I can each day :)

Feeling energized but my stomach is still in knots and in pain. So over the next few months I am going to try to figure out what causes the pain - as I know it's certain food I eat, but have never omitted the food and never think about it until I get the stomach pain.  But I'm not going to talk about any of this on here as it can be triggering and the foods I need to avoid are for my body and my health and have nothing to do with what others can or should eat :)

For now, I wish you all a lovely Monday and a great new week! !

Ohh also forgot to mention, yesterday I made waffles with Nutella and oh my gosh it was good. I often find Nutella to sweet and not something I crave but as I felt so sick in my stomach and not alot of energy had been consumed,  that was all my body wanted and that was what I made. Though I didn't have the energy to picture it but it was super good and satisfied my cravings 200% :)


  1. :) have a good week, Izzy. You are wonderful. Thank you for sharing your life with us somewhat, here.

  2. Good luck for your appointment on Thursday, I hope it all goes well for you. Its good that your mum is going along with you for moral support too.
    Hope today is productive for you where the university issues are concerned, the more you familiarise yourself with the coming change the less scary it will become`ll be more like an adventure and an awesome one at that!
    I too have foods that I am beginning to link that I`m reacting to, so much so that I`m getting an intolerance test done. Have you thought about this?
    Hope you have a good day and are feeling much better now

  3. you will be okay izzy i promise :)