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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Make recovery progress addictive

Progress can be addictive.

Whether it is in sports, singing, theater, art, writing...... when you begin to see progress it spurs you on to keep going and gives you more motivation to not give up. Progress is motivation and can be addictive.

So try to make recovery progress addictive.... in the sense that recovery progress makes you want to keep going forward, not that you get addicted to actual "recovery" and then never fully recover because you are always in the recovery stage and to scared to fully let go.

Try to let recovery wins spur you on and motivate you. Such as, you ate a scoop of ice cream today.... well next time you can eat that ice cream without compensating, and then maybe the time after that you can eat 2 scoops without compensating.

If you managed to eat a fear food or to follow your meal plan or eat more or listen to your body. Use that as motivation to know that you can do the same thing or better next time. If you followed your meal plan today,then know that you can do the same thing tomorrow. Be motivated to want to take steps forward, see progress in recovery. Feel and see how you get better. The eating disorder doesnt want you to recover, it doesnt want you to get better, so it will trick you into thinking that recovery progress is bad and that you should backtrack if you begin to make progress. But the ED thoughts are wrong, recovery progress and recovery wins are good. They mean that You are winning. You are stronger than your eating disorder and you are fighting back.

The ED thoughts such as compensation, not eating enough, pushing your  body too far with exercise, food thoughts and food obsession, purging, binging etc they are all bad behaviours and the eating disorder. But if you do the opposite and go against those thoughts they are recovery wins and You fighting back, and that is what you need to do in recovery.

Recovery is not easy, but if you have motivation and see all the good things with recovery, such as stronger hair, nails, teeth and bones. Being able to eat more and treat your body right. Being able to rest, have energy, meet friends, life a life. Less, little or no anxiety, no controlling voice in your head punishing you. Life will still have its ups and downs, but life without an eating disorder is always a better life than trying to survive with an eating disorder.

Find the positives with recovery. Make it motivation for you and try to become motivated by all the progress you can make in recovery!!! Become addicted to recovery progress!!!


  1. This is such a good idea and was something that definitely worked (and still works) for me in terms of keeping going in recovery. I couldn't focus goals on food or weight things because I hated being made to eat and hated the changes to the size of my body. But other changes really spurred me on - things like my skin being clearer because it became so spotty when I first started eating again, my hair getting thicker and finally starting to grow again, being able to walk round the shops and enjoy looking at what was in them instead of concentrating on not passing out. As I've got stronger and better I have found exercise goals that keep me going now and mean I eat because I want to be well to run (but I do think exercise-related motivation must only safely come much further down the line in recovery).

    Incase anyone reading this is a carer / friend of someone recovering too, it spurred me on so much to hear about the non-weight related changes. If someone said to me that my hair was looking thicker or longer I was so delighted it would motivate me to keep going. But if someone said I was 'looking well', 'looking better', 'looking healthier' etc my brain couldn't cope with it at all because to me that immediately meant 'looking fatter'. Which I suppose ultimately it did - a positive thing when I had looked like a skeleton before - but I still didn't want to hear it. So I suppose I might advise if you are struggling for things to say to someone with anorexia when they are getting better, you want to be positive with them but are concerned about what to say, maybe choose small changes that are completely unrelated to weight and size (like hair, nails, skin etc.) That is only what worked for me though, maybe it wouldn't necessarily for everyone.

    Thanks for such a wonderful blog Issey x

  2. This post has come at a good time for me because I am really unmotivated at the moment and everything is going backwards. All the steps forward I had made have slipped back and I feel I am back at zero again. Has`nt helped because I was ill over Christmas and its taking me ages to get over it. I am struggling to work to my mealplan but only managing to partially complete it. Each day I think I can make a step forward and achieve more but it doesn't work out that way. makes me feel pretty dispirited. It feels like I`m in a great hole that I can`t climb out of.

    1. You can get better and you can fight your ED. You are stronger than your eating disorder, everyday try a little harder to follow your meal plan and do something that goes against your eating disorder. Sometimes you just have to do it, you just have to eat even if you arent motivated to recover. Because in the long run it will help you, even if you dont believe it. You have to keep going and keep fighting even when its tough and you would rather not fight your ED, but you have to anyway. Stay strong!!