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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Life update - how i am balancing everything in my life at the moment

Good morning saturday!!

Its finally the weekend, and a much needed 2 day break! It feels good to be able to just be home for 2 days, because i really havent had so much time to be at home... apart from Wednesday then, but my days are long. I was actually asked how i seem to have found "balance" so quick... and well, i dont know if i have found balance yet.I mean this week i havent blogged or worked out which are 2 things in my life that take up several hours of my day each day. But it was just the initial getting back into school and learning and getting used to the hours of travelling which i needed to adapt to.

I am back to blogging and going to try to do my best, and i will write and schedule posts during my free time and then during my lunch breaks i will try to reply to emails (the mind needs a break from school work and if i feel up to it, then emailing is the best thing to do. Makes me feel productive and i am time efficient then). Also i can write posts during my train rides. If i find somewhere to sit, i can just open my laptop and spend at least an hour writing posts if i have any ideas, otherwise i will do reading. So that is a way for me to maximize my time!

And with working out, i will have time for that in the mornings if i start at 10am or later. The days i start at 8am, ill see whether i workout after school or not at all. But tomorrow i will be back at the gym, or maybe today in the afternoon. But all i wanted this morning was to go for a long run, so that was exactly what i did :)

I balance my life by being time efficient and prioritizing. If i need some mental rest, then ill skip answering emails and blogging, if i need physical rest ill skip working out, if i need extra sleep ill skip watching a series etc etc Its always hardest in the beginning to manage everything, but once you find a good routine it works well. The only thing i have yet to balance is my food intake...  during my days in school i am going to focus on 3 big meals and a big snack as i dont have the chance or opportunity to eat aas i would on my days off, then ill eat more frequent. But i am sure i will find a balance there as well... and then there is also seeing my boyfriend, which i havent done this week at all because hes working and also when i come home at 7.30/8pm and then have to get up 4.30am, i dont really feel like spending an hour once i get home travelling to my boyfriends place only to get minimal amount of sleep or to get to his place and just go to bed at once. But i'll try see him during the weekends :)

Otherwise... i think i have found a room to rent in the town where i am studying. Though until i have signed the contract i am not going to write so much about it, as i seem to have a habit of getting ahead of myself and then things dont workout as planned... so for now im just hoping for the best! But if i move, then it will be easier to manage my time and i will have 3 + hours extra which arent spent travelling!!

That was just a bit about how i manage things in my life right now!!

But also i wanted to mention, it feels like i havent been writing so much "personal" stuff on here, i.e not being so open and that. But i will try do more of that, as i know many people seem to want to know more about me and my life.... the person who writes the blog, and i know for myself, when i read blogs i want to know about the actual blogger. I mean sure, reviews about food and recipes are great, but i want to know about them and what they are doing and photos and such. That is just me personally anyway, but i have had people say the same thing about me and my blog. So i will try write personal posts and such, as well as answering questions and advice posts and such :):) I think having that personal and honest touch to a blog is what makes it enjoyable to read. You knows its a person, and maybe a person you can relate to. Not just some type of robot!!


  1. Don't forget to relax and take care of yourself!! You don't have to "maximize" your days every day, because that can make you feel unproductive if you don't do things 24/7.. It can lead to a bad habit and there is nothing wrong with doing nothing sometimes, its important to be able to rest as well and say No to things.. Remember you still have a depression to cure and a whole new Life in front of you to adapt to, it takes so Much energy just to fix those Two things.. I guess I just hope that you take time to focus on yourself and help yourself before you help others. Though of course you know yourself best and what Works for you, but don't have too Much pressure on yourself, well I think you Will sort things out eventually, as you Always do :)
    Have a great saturday evening!! Any plans?:)

    1. Naaw you are so sweet. Though I do have the problem of doing not being able to do nothing... I always want to be productive and do things, use my time effictvelt.... but that of course leads to stress because I never feel I'm doing enough :/ but I'm learning and I still need to learn to say no to things, not just say yes to everything and then realise I barely have time to sleep. But I'm trying to get better at it :) ive just finished baking lots and now I just want to relax this evening as I've been studying all day! I hope you have a lovely evening as well :)

  2. I always look forward to reading your posts and love to hear what you`ve ben doing, but as its already been said - don`t over stress yourself and try to do too much too soon, make time for yourself, that's the most important thing because if you`re tired and stressed out I`tll make all the upheaval you`re going through at the moment even harder.
    Keeping my fingers crossed that your accommodation works out - but that in its self is a huge step. Exciting to leave home but the responsibility is at the same time very daunting - I found I suddenly appreciated all the perks of living at home when they were no longer there!
    Take care of yourself and hope you`re having a good weekend

  3. I am going to be going to uni soon which will most likely be 5 hours from home and my boyfriend I was just wondering how you are balancing out university and seeing your boyfriend? As its quite a big fear for me as he has helped me through so much.

    1. Well at the moment i can only see him during the weekends and when i move he might drive to stay the weekend with me if he isnt working, or ill travel back to Stockholm if i have a few days off as i will want to see my dog and family, and then ill stay at his place to see him as well. For me its not so far away, 90 minutes with publich transport or a little more than an hour in the car, so it isnt so long distance. But you have a little more distance, and the best you can do is to keep up with the communication. Talk on the phone or skype and dont get too busy to talk to eeach other, and instead schedule in when you can see each other. Things will work out if you both want them too, and it is still possible to see each other... but it of course isnt as frequent when you live further away. But maybe during weekends sometimes or if one of you has a few days from school or work. Hopefully it works out and you can both get through it :) Remember you are both independant and it is ok with some alone time, but make sure to stay in contact and talk about daily things, it will make the other person feel included when you can just talk about daily and small things as well as the bigger thigns :)