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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Keeping up with routines and your meal plan during the weekend

How do you keep to a meal plan schedule at weekends - ie when your normal routine of the day changes? I ask because this happens time and time again and I`m fed up with it. I have a pretty good meal plan routine during the week and it works well for me but at the weekend it all gets thrown in the air. Snack times become later or not at all because we are out and the same goes for meal plans. I am supposed to bedrest in the afternoons but this gets later or not at all because my partner wants to be out doing things and he gets a bit uppity if I don`t join in. How do I become more flexiable and manage to keep things on track? I am beginning to dred weekends because come sunday evening I often feel so awful and tired because I haven't managed to stick to things.

First off i would talk to your partner. If he supports and loves you, he should understand that right now you have a plan to follow and that includes eating certain meals at certain times and also resting. If you were sick with the flu or if you had a broken leg, im sure he wouldnt force you out to do things, and it should be the same now. .You are recovering, just like when someone recovers from a virus, they need food and rest. So talk to your partner, make him realise that for now you still need your weekday routines even during the weekend.

Of course you can still be more flexible, and maybe do something different on the weekends, but just make sure to have snacks with you or plan to eat meals in cafes or restaurants. It is ok if you eat meals a little later than usual, but you shouldnt skip meals, instead fit eating into your plan of the day. You might need to eat differently if you are bringing meals or snacks with you, or if you are eating out... but make sure to eat enough, and dont overexert yourself either. If you are tired, tell your partner that. You have the right to feel tired, your body is going through alot and you also have a mental fight which takes alot of energy. He shouldnt get irritated or angry just because you dont want to do things, your energy will come back and also when you have more balance and health in your life, then you can focus on other things and not just eating and resting. Then you can eat different foods, different amounts and different times and dont need as much rest, but that is later on in recovery.

I would suggest, talk to your partner, ask him what he has planned or wants to do during the weekend and then plan together how you will fit in your meals and enough rest time. And maybe tell him that for now you would prefer to just have relaxing evenings at home so you can rest, but in the future there will be more opportunities to do stuff. Work together and plan, but remember your recovery comes first!!! Dont put that second place, your partner should understand that... or atleast be willing to understand and support you!

Also when it comes to weekends, then you might be invited away to different things such as dinners, parties, going to the cinema, walking lots or doing other stuff and then it is up to you to make sure you stick to your plan somewhat. Of course if things dont go as planned, thats life and you always have the next day to make things better... but just because it is the weekend and you have more free time or different routines doesnt mean that you just give up on your progress or recovery plan. For example, if you know you eat breakfast at 7.30am each morning, so that you have time to also eat a morning snack and lunch, but then on the weekend your partner wants you to sleep in... then allow yourself to sleep in if you want to, but also make sure to eat all your meals.... and if you cant do that because you get too full. Then explain to your partner, why you cant sleep in.... recovery shouldnt be compromised on, and even if it seems very rigid and strict, eventually you can loosen up and you dont have to eat breakfast at the same time each day, you can sleep in and eat later or eat brunch instead of breakfast and lunch seperatly. Just live more freely and not as strict, you dont have a recovery plan to follow.... but while in recovery, following the plan is a good idea, but maybe make a little room for change i.e eating later or different during the weekends if it needs be. But people around you should understand if you are open about the fact that you have an eating disorder and are recovering... if you arent open about that that, then people wont understand what you have to eat a snack at 3pm precisely, or why you need to eat certain foods etc

I hope this helps!! Try to stick to your plan even during the weekends, but life should be lived as well!

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