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Thursday, January 7, 2016

"Everyone is a little depressed sometimes "

I really don't know what to think when I hear people say or write "everyone is a little depressed at times"

Of course people are sad sometimes, everyone has their struggles and life is tougher than usual sometimes. But just because someone feels a little sad doesn't make them depressed? I find it belittles the seriousness of depression, takes away the fact that it IS a serious mental illness not just a phase or when you feel a little sad. Of course depression is different for everyone,  for example I do manage to get out of bed, I do workout and go to school but that doesn't mean I don't have depression,  though to some it might look fake because for some they can't get out of bed, they can eat or do anything when suffering with depression.  But who is to say that the person who does continue living and following daily habits isn't as sick as the person who doesn't get out of bed.

And during winter when it's cold and dark it is easier to feel more tired, less motivated and just a little more sad, but that doesn't mean that you suddenly have depression, even if you do feel lethargic and unmotivated,  it's not the same thing as depression.

But at the same time I don't want someone who is suffering to think "I'm not sick, I don't need help because I can still function". Because this is something I feel alot.... how can I have a problem, how can there be something wrong if I still manage to live life somewhat? If I still manage to do normal things. ... how could I possibly have depression.  And that is what keeps me from seeking help, because I CAN function but behind the scenes and in my mind there is so much more happening. So just because someone functions and seems to live life doesn't mean that they aren't struggling (just like with eating disorders, just because you can live a life and might not look sick,  doesn't mean that you aren't sick and don't need help).

I think with mental illnesses people should be careful  how they use certain words such as "you didn't eat lunch, are you anorexic now?" "Ohh I'm so bipolar", "the show ended. I'm so depressed", etc etc

It makes the illnesses less serious and more of a joke when people just throw those words and serious diagnoses around. And saying that "everyone is a little depressed" just doesn't seem accurate..... everyone is a little sad sometimes. Sometimes more sad and sad for longer, but I don't think everyone is a little depressed sometimes. There is no "little depressed" anyway.... of course there are different degrees of seriousness of depression, just like other illnesses. .. but you can't be a little anorexia or a little bipolar.  Either you are or you aren't. .. and if you are, then there are different grades of seriousness.

Maybe I'm just a little too sensitive regarding this, who knows.  But this is my opinion anyway.

Do you have an opinion on this topic?


  1. Hi, I just wanted to know, if you don't mind me asking, what medicine did you take to make you feel better?

  2. I agree that the word depression is bandied about far too freely - often by those who are perhaps feeling sad and have no idea what real depression is really like.
    However I do think there are degrees of the illness. When I think back to how I was when first diagnosed with depression to how I am now - the two are worlds apart. Back then I was a step away from being admitted to hospital, I couldn't function, I couldn't think clearly and my partner had to take weeks off work to look after me because I couldn't be left on my own. Luckily I went as a day patient to a mental illness crisis centre during the day where the day was organised into periods of activity, counselling and relaxation. After that I moved onto a more community based schedule whereby we went out for coffee etc, did activities such as bowling and tennis, whilst still having counselling and relaxation. From there I progressed to only attending the crisis centre twice a week - the other days I went to a community based project for people with mental illness working as a volunteer in a garden centre. I also had regular appointments with a counsellor and weekly home visits from my psychiatric nurse. Over time that all gradually tailed off as I became stonger and didn't need such intensive input. I have now been discharged from hospital care and my medication is managed by my doctor, but the door is always open at the hospital should I need to see someone there.
    The onset of my depression was 8 years ago and it has been a long and hard road to recover to the point I am at now. I am still on medication ( although somewhat reduced) and cannot at the moment ever imagine being off it completely as I fear that I will relapse back to the depths I was in.
    I still get days where I am down, but I can function and live normally again. my concentration and spark for life is coming back and I am beginning to find things I enjoy again.
    I hope you never reach the depths of depression where you are in utter despair Izzy, but beware it is a slippery slope that can overwhelm you suddenly. If you can please seek help for your depression, even if its just talking to someone because one thing I have learnt from my experience is that you cannot conquer it alone.