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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Finally have a computer again

That feeling when you finally have your own computer again after X months (?) without one.

I cant actually remember when my computer broke... ive lost track of the weeks, but it has been a while safe to say anyway. And it has taken alot of time to get the computer checked out to see what the problem was and then to hear with our insurance company if they could help out. But finally things got sorted out. I dont know what happened to my computer, but something on the inside had broken (whether it was a production damage and then just got worse,or whether the computer had gotten bumped some time as i carry it with me all the time, and then it had caused some time of internal damage.) It is unclear, but i had only had the computer for a year and i had been very careful with it, i.e i had never dropped it and even if i carried it with me to school and when travelling and such, i was still very careful with it, but whatever the problem was it was a big problem which would cost more than 7000kr to fix (i.e between €700 - €1000 to fix, and that was more expensive than a new computer, so i got money to buy a new computer). So now finally i have a new computer, and even if it is a little heavier than my previous computer it wont take as much damage if i carry it with me, so thats a positive!!!

Anyway, too much computer talk when none of that is interesting, hahaha.

What have i done for the rest of the day? Eat..... buy socks without holes..... go food shopping with my parents.... eat a whole lot of chocolate.... feel super tired... taken 3 showers today as i have been so cold and listened to the Panic! at the disco album - Death of a bachelor, roughly 5 times today!. And that pretty much sums up my day so far, though its only 6pm when i write this post so this evening im going to eat dinner with my sister and my dad, and maybe my boyfriend will come over... not so sure.

I have also been invited to a party this evening and all my friends are going, so i have slight anxiety over the fact that i might not go just because my dad is here. But at the same time i also know that i save money by not going... and thats always a good thing. But once Uni starts, it will be hard to see them.... so i have an hour to decide whether i want to go or not....  (though this is a scheduled post, so i guess you'll find out tomorrow. But the chances are that i will stay at home!)


  1. Happy days! I remember when I got my new computer - loved it! At least it will make things easier for you now.
    Hope you had a good evening either with your dad or with your friends!

    1. Ohh yes, having a computer definitely makes life easier. Of course i can still manage without one, but if i have the choice i choose to live a life with a computer, haha.