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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Fear of the unknown

One of the things that holds us back in life is fear of the unknown.

I can be quite open and honest about the fact that I am scared of the unknown. The future scares me. Moving forward and change as well as stepping out of my comfort zone scares me. In fact, it terrifies me.... It fills me with anxiety to think of changes that have to be made. All the scenarios in my head and expectations of how it might be.... not knowing what awaits me, what will happen.  It scares me so much that I don't want to keep going.

But what type of life is that, to be so scared of the unknown,  scared of change and moving forward. That is PART of life. Infact, that IS  life. Change is life. It can't be avoided and if you live a life with absaloutly no change, what type of life is that?  Mistakes are made, change happens and you learn,  you progress, you move forward. You have new experiences and memories, learn new things. Change has to be made to process and progress in life. ... change has to happen in work, school, housing, economy etc

It's scary. So scary. I mean I've moved countries 3 times (granted I don't remember the first 2 times... but still). I've changed school many times, I've moved apartment far too many times in my life.  Alot of change in my life and alot of "unknown", but I've made it. I've grown, I've found my routines, found my habits and settled in.

When I moved in 2014 to the apartment my parents have, I cried the first day.... it was new and different, I didn't like it.  But I learnt to love the apartment,  I found my new routines and habits.  And it's the same now.

A new school,  new friends,new housing.... it IS scary. It is new, it is different,  it WILL take time to adapt, but things will be ok.

I cant live a life of fear and scared of change. That is not a life. Sometimes you just need to take a step into the unknown and know that things will figure themselves out. Things will be ok, and it's ok to be scared but I can't give up or refuse to step outside of my comfort zone. That is not a life.

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  1. Life is scary. Everyday is new and full of potential pitfalls- depends how you look at it. On the otherhand it is full of opportunities too. Its all about mindset. If you never take a chance or try something new you run the risk of living a life of regret.
    I say go for your changes Izzy and adapt to them as they happen, don`t dwell on the "maybes" too much - they may never happen! As you wrote in your post,you have settled and adapted you can do so again!
    wishing you all the best, you`ll be fine.