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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Eating when you have stomach pain

As i have written recently - quite a few times - i have had a lot of stomach pain the past few weeks/months. The time of pain that makes you feel uncomfortable, nauseous, cant/dont want to move, and feel like you will throw up.

And it makes me think back to when i was in recovery and how i had alot of stomach pain, going from so little food to quite alot of food and my stomach and digestive system needed to adapt. I was bloated and had alot of pain often, and felt very uncomfortable. Back then i had no choice, i had to eat all my meals no matter how full i was... and if i couldnt eat my meals then they would be replaced with supplement drinks.

Now a days, if i have stomach pain nobody forces me to eat, and that is a good thing because sometimes it just isnt possible to get anything into me with that amount of discomfort. But often i try to eat anyway because i know my body needs it... if i didnt eat each time i had stomach pain then i would have lost alot of weight the past while, but i know that i still need to eat and even more important to fuel myself if i plan to workout...

When i have stomach i try to eat high kcal foods, lots of nuts and dried fruit as they are simple to eat and can often manage some even with stomach pain. Also drinking kcal... i make lattes or home made hot chocolate with 90% soy milk. I eat granola or muslie and things like potatoe salad with quorn products, which are easier to eat than things like chicken, rice, pasta and even eggs are hard to consume when i have stomach pain.

My suggestion would be to make things like woks with nuts and coconut milk, smoothies and milkshakes, nuts and dried fruit, granola with milk and banana, banana and egg pancakes, add sauces to meals, drink milk or juice.

The important thing is to get enough energy into you, but trying to keep the quantity as low as possible. Dont just eat vegetables and drink tea if you know that you arent getting enough energy into you, then its better to go for more high kcal food. Your body needs energy and food everyday. Of course if you have alot of pain and it is stopping you from eating, then go to a doctor... it might be something in your diet that you need to change or something might be wrong in your digestive system/stomach, or maybe its just the initial discomfort of beginning recovery... and if it is that pain, then you just need to keep eating and the pain will go away.

I know its not easy to eat when your stomach feels tight and uncomfortable, but dont skip meals... just adapt them if you have to. But in recovery it is best to try to follow your meal plan, even if you catch a cold or a virus try your best to eat as much as you can.

If the pain is causing you to not eat, then take contact with a doctor, you might need to do tests and get supplement drinks s that you get calories into you. I know some who developed an eating disorder because they had so much stomach pain and discomfort which caused them to not eat, they lost weight and then food became scary and anxiety filled as that was what caused the stomach pain to begin with... even if it might just have been certain foods. But stomach pain is never nice, but it will pass... but if it is long term pain, do check it out!! And try drink calories if you are in alot of pain.

It will get easier and one day hopefully you will be pain free - and i am hoping that is the case for me as well!!


  1. Hi!

    Recently I started to binge. I was so sad, and started to binge. Just more day...and O am binging from 2 weeks now. Becuse sometimes I have real carvings for sweets and junkies, but other times I just feel I mentally need them. And I cant stop. I decide every day that tofay I wont eat sweets, but if I eat them once a day (someone offers me a row of chocolate or something) I, or my brain decides: "okay, today will be a bad day, so now you can eat as much as you want from sweets as well, tomorrow will be better." But I cant stop binging! If I see a chocolate I AWLAYS want to eat it. If I avoid eating it, I get a brainstorm. My brain says: EAT EAT EAT" And I get irritated and decontrentated still I dont eat it. What to do now? Pls help me, I dont want to be fat.
    (Or do you think it is the extreme hunger? Because in recovery the extreme hunger passed away once, but i think maybe it is that. Because it is not just emotional eating. I think half half. But I am feared it will last forever, and when I will be 200 kgs I will consider these feelings as "extreme hunger?" Or maybe these feelings are the sign that my body hasnt reached its healthy set point yet? Because if i avoid to eat the sweeties, I feel myself restricted.(And I am at the lowest healthy weight for my age, so it is possbile, isnt it?
    And an other thing: In my 2 week binge session, I gained roughly 2-2,5 than my normal weight. How much of it can be clear weight, and how much is the water?
    Thanks for your answer:)

    1. This sort of thing happened to me in recovery too! You are not alone.

  2. I can relate to this a lot, I have been suffering with stomach pain since April last year, It is so bad that I can't do anything, cant work, can't leave the house and can no longer work-out anymore.
    I find it so hard to eat anything, and of course since I am recovering from an ed, I feel guilty if I eat since I can no longer work-out due to the pain.
    I am finally getting some tests done to find out the cause, but I've cut everything from my Diet, I am Vegan, Gluten free Wheat free, Its just so horrible.
    Thanks for your tips

  3. I get a lot of stomach pain too. I am eating a gluten free and lactose free diet and still I find foods that were ok before suddenly give me immense pain. I am fed up with it too because in terms of recovery the pain sets me back for several days and I am forever playing catchup on my meal plan - ie trying to eat the full plan again. I have recently sent for some food intolerance tests to be done as it has got that bad.
    Your tips Izzy really helped and I will try to make the effort to eat when I`ve got pain, but it is so hard. All I want to do is curl up with a hot water bottle.
    I really don`t know what to think anymore - is it just me and that I`m going to get this pain in recovery until my body tolerates proper food again or is there a real intolerance meaning I should avoid certain foods? That's why I`m getting the tests done to find out. I should get the results in about a weeks time so maybe then things will be clearer.
    At the moment though my bad days outweigh my good days and I have almost resigned myself to feeling sick all the time as I really don`t know when its going to strike again.
    I hope you can get to the cause of your tummy pains and I sympathise greatly with you. It is just horrible - like you say.