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Friday, January 22, 2016

Back to blogging

Hello again after 5 days of somewhat silence on here! I have checked in a few times and answered a few comments, i thought that was the least i could do. But in all honesty, it has been nice to not blog. For these few days anyway, i still love blogging but i have been so mentally tired the past few days and it has been nice to not feel that pressure of, now i need to try to write something motivational and inspirational.

I have been blogging regularly since 2010 (though started my blog back in 2009), and since then i have never taken a "long" blog pause.... my blog pauses have been 24-48 hours... and maybe a 3 day break sometime, but not longer than that. But now it was a bit longer and it was necessary. Beforehand when i took a blog pause i always thought "what do i do with all this free time?" but now i havent had the freetime, because during my train rides, in the morning it is packed with people... so many people that for the first 75 minutes of my 90 minute journey i have to stand as there are no places to sit. (Well, that is the days that i start at 8 or 10, on Monday when i started around 12 then there werent so many people). So then i dont have a chance to do so much writing or studying, but also who wants to do that when you have gotten up around 4.30am or 6am. And then on the train journey home again i do reading and note taking.

Anyway, now i feel more capable of managing my time as my schedule is going to "lighten up" a bit as the class have been divided into groups so you dont have to go to all the lessons on the schedule. Which means some early mornings and some later starts!!

So what else have i done these past few days? Ive wandered around thw town my class and gotten a better understanding of where everything is and how to get around the town - somewhat anyway. Though i am sure i will still get lost a few times!! I've also got to walk around the school with a band on my head stating my name and my "group" i.e water, this is a part of the "introduction for new students which involves a whole bunch of different activities to better learn my class". A good way to learn names, as everyone else in my class has to do it as well, hahah... though of course, not everyone wants to, i feel that as long as i dont sit alone its ok to sit with the band on my head XD

Otherwise, i had no lectures on Wednesday which meant a sleep in.... and that day was much needed!! As mentioned on Monday im taking a sort of "rest week" this week, though as i was free on Wednesday i had planned to workout, but on the day.... that was the last thing i wanted. Both physically and mentally tired, so the only time i left the house was to buy food so that i could prep some lunch boxes for the coming week!! A good way to save money and to make sure i get enough food during the days. Though eating times are definitely different now a days, but its working.... though i mean on Tuesday (when i had to get up at 4.30am) i was so hungry by 10am so i ate my lunch then and bought a second lunch at 3pm... hahahha XD So going to buy some ingredients during the weekend so i can make some snacks to bring with me such as raw food bars or maybe some home made questbars and things like that :)

Sooo.... I am alive anyway, and now i have gotten into the swing of things and the studying has begun, somewhat anyway. Bbut things feel good :) But more updates to come!!!

Leave your questions, comments or topic suggestions below and this weekend i will try my best to schedule some posts for the week :):)


  1. Lovely to see you back .... though I'd also completely understand if you closed your blog as your life grows in other ways ... .
    As for questions, mine would be about social eating again. I'm a healthy weight and I eat healthily on my own, though perhaps a bit chaotically. What I struggle with when it's social is not so much embarrassment that I eat, as the sense of other people's expectations, the combination of power and food, and the sense of being judged partly by the way I eat.
    It isn't just ok to go out for a meal with people and not participate in the food the way they expect you to -- there is a kind of power that makes it necessary to submit to those expectations, and if you don't, they sometimes get cross or upset, and they want explanations, as if it were something simple to explain.
    When I'm on my own, I do what my body needs. When with others there are social expectations which take over, but I can't handle eating to social expectation... I get nervous, I stop wanting to eat, I get cross ...
    Please don't prioritise this question! It is not a physical problem; it can be a social one, but it is ok....

  2. I`m so glad you had a good start to university and things are beginning to settle down for you - and its so good to have you back!
    As written after your previous post, food related topics such as portion sizes and quantities of each food group would be useful to know. Also, when increasing your meal plan do you just eat more of everything on there or are there certain food groups you increase? And what would you call a balanced diet? I know some of this is post recovery stuff but it would be useful to know.
    But don`t get stressed answering posts - enjoy your weekend and rest if you can!

  3. It's very inspiring that you feel more capable of managing your time - and after such a short time - and a gruelling first week in terms of hours and travel. How do you do it?!

  4. How do you keep to a meal plan schedule at weekends - ie when your normal routine of the day changes? I ask because this happens time and time again and I`m fed up with it. I have a pretty good meal plan routine during the week and it works well for me but at the weekend it all gets thrown in the air. Snack times become later or not at all because we are out and the same goes for meal plans. I am supposed to bedrest in the afternoons but this gets later or not at all because my partner wants to be out doing things and he gets a bit uppity if I don`t join in. How do I become more flexiable and manage to keep things on track? I am beginning to dred weekends because come sunday evening I often feel so awful and tired because I haven't managed to stick to things.