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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

When you look drunk, but really you've just done a crossfit workout

When I first began the crossfit lessons it was a step outside of my comfort zone and I didn't think i would be good.  But I'm actually Ok and most of all, I really like it. I've always liked doing supersets and having little rest.  I've never been someone who stands and does heavy bicep curls or squats and then rests 5 minutes.  Instead I want it to go fast and to do both strength and cardio at the same time so crossfit is perfect for me. It is so much fun and makes me push myself and try new things as well as seeing improvements is fun. Right now om trying to figure out if I can somehow get a membership at the box though that means getting a job somewhere and working feels more fun when I know that I can pay for fun things.  I hate relying on others to pay for things for me.... well apart from food. People can buy me food,but when it comes to things such as the gym, my mobile,computer and all of that I want to pay for it myself. So the thing motivating me to want to work. .. to be able to pay for crossfit. Hahaha.

I actually find crossfit so much more fun than the gym at the moment though I've begun doing more crossfit inspired workouts or just working on technique at the gym rather than individual muscle group training. It's fun to do new things :)

After yesterday's crossfit workout I was so tired that walking at my normal pace was impassible and I did do a bit of wobbling, feeling unstable on my legs and almost falling up the stairs.  I looked and behaved as if I were drunk, but my legs were just so tired. Hahha.

Today it's Wednesday and a school day. One more lesson after this and then this time next week I have a repetition lesson and then Thursday next week it's my final 4 hour exam. Fun.

So after my lesson I headed home, ate lunch and got a 45 minute break and then began studying again. Feeling sort of disorientated today and I've sent a few too many wrong messages today, haha. And also poured yoghurt into my coffee instead of milk as well as almost dropping my toothbrush into the bathroom this morning!!! Hahah we all have these days. I was once so tired after school so I put my plate in the bin and the leftovers in the washing machine. XD

Have any of you ever done silly things like that, when the mind isn't really there? ^-^

Also want to apologise for the mistakes in my posts, it's not so easy when I'm using the mobile app. But I'm going to try my best to keep the blog updated :) but it might take some time to reply to emails.... :/ priority one is 7 days of maths work now!!

I hope you all have a great day, I'm now going to continue with my studying :)


  1. yes, lots of things like that.
    holding a bagel in one hand and a piece of fruit in the other, washed the bagel instead of the fruit etc. happily, it was a cheap bagel which was entirely waterproof

    1. Hahahah, that sucks. But afterwards it is kind of funny!

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  3. I´m so happy you enjoy crossfit! I knew you would ;) Now just remember to eat and rest enough <3

    Have a great evening!


    1. Haha I am so glad I tried it :) :) yes exactly lots of rest and food as well!! Good luck with your exams and your own crossfit workouts!

  4. Lol. I once sprayed myself with air freshener instead of deodorant and brushed my teeth with facewash instead of toothpaste. :-/

    1. Hahah, I've almost done the same with brushing my teeth with something other than toothpaste!! Things don't work so well when we do things without thinking!!