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Saturday, December 5, 2015

When people's comments get stuck in your head

One thing which I wish I was better at is not getting caught up in small comments I've heard people say or ones I've read about. It is often small unconscious things people have said about me, which haven't been meant as something bad or they were said in a joking way, but it is those that get stuck in my head. At times I have asked people how I appear to them or what they think about me, and maybe I am to blame then when I hear their answer and it might not be something I was prepared for. Or sometimes people say something in a joking way about me but I don't take the comment in a joking way and instead it spins around in my head and does affect me.

I am not someone who cares so much what people think about my appearance or how I act in general. I know about my bad habits and at times I can be sarcastic or appear rude or uninterested, but the uninterestedness and being withdrawn is due to me feeling low and not usually how I am, but also being an introvert I amnt as open and wanting attention. But anyway,I know about some things I could change to be maybe more approachable or just nicer in general (though I would consider myself a nice person,  haha). But sometimes comments get to me and I wish they didn't.  I wish I didn't care or could remove that comment from my mind.  But most of all I just want to go up to the person and ask them what they mean and if they actually meant what they said or whether my mind is just making a big deal out of nothing. But more than ever, when certain comments get stuck in my head I just want to disappear. I never want to show myself again, never speak, never leave the house. 

I feel embarrassed over myself, over how I act and wish I was someone else, someone different, just based on a comment or two which someone could have said without thinking. I do have low self esteem, though definitely not as bad as it has been before. I have worked alot on my self esteem and to feel more secure and have more self confidence but at times that confidence let's me down and I feel like a sponge which sucks in all negative comments ever said about me and I just want to drown in the negativity.  It's strange that how one or two negative comments can affect a person so much more than the 20 positive comments.  It's always the negatives that stick in your head.
But this is a goal for 2016, to not let negative comments (and I don't mean blog comments because I distance myself from online comments and don't let them affect me negatively. But I mean comments from family and friends) affect me. I should instead focus on the positives I receive and hear and not let that one negative comment bring me down and feel like a terrible person. We all have flaws and things which might not be so great about us, but we all have awesome things about us as well and we need to focus on those, and if we want, change the less positive aspects but if you don't have a problem with them, why change?
This post is just a ramble,but at the moment I have a few negative comments which are swirling around in my head and making me feel awful and I'm trying to not let them affect me so much and not feel like a terrible person who should never leave the house.


  1. I understand how you feel as I'm quite sensitive and words play in my head. You are such a gorgeous young lady and quite frankly there are people in this world that love nothing better than to make others feel bad. They have a problem not you. I think you're an inspiration to others who after following your blog find the courage to press on. Don't let a couple of horrible words get in your head. Your readers care x

    1. Naw thank you :) unfortunately it was someone close to me who said it and not an online comment, which is why it was worse to hear it. But I'm going to try not let it bother me. I hope you have a lovely weekend :)

  2. Sometimes we need to hear those negative comments and consider them and not immediately feel offended, as would be the automatic response. Just look at the facts. Take your emotions out of the picture and objectively decide whether what they say has an element of truth. We're not all perfect and sometimes we need to consider what the person said from their perspective and why our behavior bothers them. We may need to make some changes or we may need to sit down and talk with them to get a clearer understanding from both parties. It's rare that people say negative things just because they want to hurt you, although there are some. Most people try to avoid conflict and drama. So if they said it, they feel bothered by it and it should be realistically considered.

    1. This is very true and thank you :) I think talking about it would be best. However the person said it kind of absent mindedly, like it wasn't a direct negative thing and it is something I am already aware of, i.e a negative side of myself but it just sort of hurt to hear it out loud, like when you already know you are bad at something and then someone tells you you are bad at it. It should be that the comment doesn't matter then because you are already aware of it; but instead I just feel more self conscious and worse :( but I think being more rational about it and not just letting emotions take over at once would be better!