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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

When friends or family are on diets

Now for the new year you might have friends or family around you who are on a diet or trying to follow their new years resolution. And that can be tough when you know that you have to eat alot and gain weight and it feels like everyone around you is doing the opposite.

One of those tough situations you are put in during and after recovery is when friends or family around you are dieting or eating low kcal. That can trigger something within you, thinking that you are doing wrong by ordering a pasta dish when a friend orders a salad, or you eat a magnum ice cream and your sister takes a popsicle... you begin feeling guilty, anxious, triggered. You get self hate for yourself and believe you made the wrong decision because someone ate something that might be less calories. But you need to stop that type of thinking right then and there. To take a moment to just breathe and ask yourself What does it matter what someone else ate/is eating?
   Its easy to compare yourself to others, look at what others are eating and want to do the same thing. But you need to listen to yourself, know what YOUR body needs. There will always be someone dieting, wanting to lose weight or saying they have already eaten/not hungry. that doesnt mean you have to do it as well.

If you go to a cafe with a group of friends and you all order cake and hot chocolate with extra whipped cream and one of your friends orders a diet cola, it can evoke feelings inside of you. But you know what, WHO CARES. Instead enjoy that you can eat that cake or the extra scoop of ice cream or that toasted bagel etc and know that you will enjoy more food later on. You are giving your body energy, and you know what your friend will still eat later on and if they dont, well then feel sorry for them. Because a life without food, a life where you are scared to eat and obsessed with calories, that is a very sad life. Its barely a life at all. Instead be proud and happy of yourself that you are fighting for your health, that you know what your body wants and needs, that you can enjoy all types of food and give your body energy.
   And there will be people who are dieting and trying to lose weight and you know what, some people need to lose weight. Dont get triggered by that... weightloss is not your life goal, some people need it to be healthy that doesnt mean you have to lose weight as well or that you are suddenly in competition or you need to eat less than them.
   You are not a monkey, you shouldnt just follow others. I mean if someone jumps does that mean you have to jump as well? No it doesnt.  Everyone goes their own ways and has to know what is best for them.

So instead of focusing on what others are doing focus on what is best for YOU.

When you get guilty feelings or feel triggered by friends or family, take a moment to just breathe and think rationally. Even if that means you go to the bathroom and just try to calm down for a few moments. Or even sit in the bathroom and write down your thoughts... ive done this before, even if it meant i was gone 10 minutes. That was what i needed to do to calm down and then be able to actually eat. Be kind to yourself and your body!! Having a good motto or mantra to repeat to yourself in tough times is also a good idea :):)

I hope this helps. Focus on YOU and YOUR body and YOUR goals. Not on what others are doing.

(And on a side note, i know at times people react or get triggered when i post a picture of a sugar free chocolate or 0,5% yoghurt etc but remember everyone is different :) I eat normal chocolate just like i eat sugar free chocolate, i eat 4% yoghurt just like i eat 0,5% yoghurt. Its different and all depends on what we have at home or what i am craving. So dont get triggered or react towards one picture or one item!! )


  1. Hello Izzy,

    I like this post. My mum and my little (!) sister are often on a diet. I feel triggered all the time, but you are right - I have to focus on my body and my goals. I'm Not allowed to lost weight and this should be MY goal.

    1. It's important to focus on your own goals and know what is best for You!! There will always be people on diets but you need to eat according to what's best for you and your body.

  2. I couldn't agree more with this post. Especially when everyone's January's New Year's resolution is to lose weight and get fit. I always tend to think that it isn't fair that they get to diet and I can't, that they get to have that "high" but as my dietician and a friend I was in treatment with said to me, for those people dieting is torture, they are enjoying it! So if you are going to that café eating a cake and hot chocolate and your friend drinking diet coke, I can guarantee they would much rather be eating what you are having rather than that diet coke! Plus the diet industry is huge - mainly because so many do not work and most people give! The "diet" will last a couple of weeks or months - but for us we don't stop and become so absorbed in to it that it becomes our whole life and that is where the difference lies. Thinking like this helps me see some rationality in these situations, although I am not denying it can be so hard!!

  3. This is going to be a tricky time for me as my partner is starting his usual diet in the new year. Also all the magazines are full of diets and dieting tips ....what is it about January?
    So theres me trying to put the weight on - whilst he is going to be trying to loose it...makes for some interesting mealtimes! I`m not looking forward to this aspect of January at all I`ll be having to work out two meal plans instead of one - one to gain ad one to loose. Not fun.