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Sunday, December 27, 2015

What to do during the days - in recovery

When you are in recovery you can often find that the days go a bit like.... wake up, food, rest, food, rest, food, rest, food.... etc etc
  It feels like you just spend the day resting and eating. Which is pretty much what you do... BUT Thats a good thing. Thats what your body needs...

In all the magazines you always read about Get up and get moving. Dont do this... dont do that. Dont eat that... move.move.move. This is NOT what your body needs right now.
   Your body needs and wants food and rest.

So how to make the days pass? Make them more exciting/entertaining.

For weeks to months yes, you will have to just either be at home/hospital and rest. Not do anything active... and if you do go to school or work, then try keep your movement to a minimum while trying to gain weight and find some way to entertain yourself in a calm way when you are at home!

Here are my suggestions:

Word search
Sudoku (If you dont find this too frustrating!)
Find a new series to watch....(I reccommend one which has alot of seasons :))
Watch films
Make collages
Read books
If you are musical... do that or write songs/sing songs
Watch tutorials on Youtube... learn how to braid hair or make friendship bracelets or make rainbow cake :)
Find a favourite Youtube star and watch all their videos
Play sims or other games
Make a blog
Edit photos
Make a video
Sow your own clothes or bags
Watch day time TV :)
Have friends over for snacks/baking/tv watching/studying
Listen to music
Paint your nails
Take long showers or baths

Just some ideas to pass the time, if you have any other ideas comment so that others can know as well :)

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  1. i can pretty much entertain myself but what i find hard is justifying what I'm doing cos I'm not working and then i feel i have to lie cos I'm so ashamed of in their words "not doing anything". i want to work don't get me wrong but it couldn't do that and focus on recovery so i had to put work on hold but now i feel super lazy and cos I've been i and out of hospital a lot it has meant i start a job then go down and have to give up my job. so people feel that i haven't worked for ages and looking at me they can't understand why I'm not working when they are and that I'm lazy or don't want to work. i feel ashamed everyday and feel i have to hide x