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Friday, December 11, 2015

Victoria secret show/models

Congrats Izzy. Well done. Yesterday VS show came out and I think it is very triggering, what do you think about the show? Do you watch it? Can you write a post about it and how to cope when things like the VS show is on or when pictures of VS models are in magazines ? Thank you in advance x

It's been a few days since the Victoria's Secret fashion show came out so don't know how relevant or useful the answer is now. But considering that it is a yearly thing it might be useful anyway. Though I do find it a little comical that it comes out in December and always seems to leave people feeling insecure with their bodies and saying that they won't eat junk.

Let's start off with that the VS models are not a majority. They have been chosen because they are naturally long and slim and then combine that with exercise and a certain way of eating makes them look the way they look
But also remember that their stage look is due to a somewhat restrictive diet the days/weeks before the show and -correct me if I'm wrong -they don't drink/drink very little liquid the day(s) before the show. So their show body is not a healthy body.

But also many say that the VS models have the goal body, but you have to remember that they also have certain genetics.  If you are 170cm and stopped growing you can't expect to suddenly be 179cm. Just like even if you were the same height and weight as one of the VS models you wouldn't look like them because everyone is different. It's important to be happy in yourself,  confident in your own body and stop wishing to look like someone else. Because no matter if you eat like a VS model or do the same workouts as them, you won't look like them. Instead all that time and energy could be used towards self love and doing something to improve your happiness and health. ... though that's just my opinion.

When you see photos of models in magazines you have to remember that no matter how good they look in real life, they are still somewhat photoshopped. Pictures are not real life... and if you follow any of the VS models on IG (I don't personally follow them but I've seen some of their accounts), the photos posted are the best ones.... ones that make them look best. It's not always reality or real life and it is important to remember that. Everyone is human, even if they may look like they have no flaws or are perfect.  Everyone is human. But also the shows and TV programs they are made in a certain way ti make the models look amazing and perfect,  like their life is perfect and everything is great.... and maybe it is for some of them. But remember that their body is their job. They have to look a certain way for their job and it is a little sad that. I mean as a person grows older the body ages and there comes a time when their body will be "too old" and they will go from being in the spotlight to not at all. Though of course, they are so much more than their bodies!!! But showing their bodies and looking a certain way is part of their job, which is not part of a "normal" persons life.

If you find the show triggering then don't watch it.  I don't make it a priority to watch the show, but if I have time over or feel like it I will watch it. I don't really get the show in all honesty, I mean sure the lingerie looks good but all the wings and the sparkles and such.... not really sure about that. Haha.

I think it's important to remember what is real life and how things are portrayed in media. Things are made to look a certain way and to portrayed to be awesome. The most important thing is to be happy in yourself because then you don't feel triggered or feel like you need to change when you see models or such. Self love comes from the inside so if you feel triggered by things then you need to work on them,  you have acknowledged it is a trigger so what can you do to make it no longer a trigger? Not watch the show.... try to think realistically and focus on loving yourself?

What are your opinions about the Victoria's Secret fashion show? Or the VS models?

I also want to make it clear that I am in no way bashing their bodies. I hate skinny shaming or fat shaming and like mentioned, they naturally look a certain way and then of course exercise and eat a certain way.

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  1. I have never watched this show and never will, because it triggers me too much. I've read somewhere, that before these shows they eat less and do a lot of exercise, but afterwards their diet is not as strict as before. So why should normal women live a strict lifestyle in the long term, when these models only do this in the short term? We usually see them in their best form, but who knows, there may be times, when they gain some weight and look pretty normal, when they take some time off work.