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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tiredness during weight gain/ recovery from an eating disorder

hun can i ask is sleep normal when ur recovering. I have had to have several cat naps, something which is so hard for me to do cos i feel i should be exercising or at least being productive and my mum I'm sure thinks I'm super lazy but I've been finding i really want to sleep in the day a lot, my eyes hurt to try and keep awake but now I'm left with the guilt of not having burnt calories and so I'm really worried ill gain loads of weight.

This may sound strange but when you are in recovery and trying to gain weight all the energy and food you eat goes to weight gain and your body trying to recover. And there isnt much energy left over even if you are eating at an increase, that energy is going to helping your body.  Weight gain is actually tough, but also dont forget that you are fighting a mental battle each day which doesnt make it easier either and that takes alot of energy. Its like when you study all day you end up feeling very tired even if you havent done much. During recovery i was often very tired even if i ate 3500kcal a day, but now i can eat 3000kcal a day and have lots of energy but that is because my body uses the energy in the right way. The energy goes to my muscles, to my bones and to GIVE me energy. But the energy you are eating is going to helping your body recover.

Naps arent a bad thing, i mean i take naps now a days when i need them. When i am mentally very low or in a bad period i take alot more naps as then i am just so mentally tired that i cant seem to stay awake. But other times i am just tired even if i eat enough and then i take naps if i have the time. Naps arent a bad thing and dont mean you are lazy. Even if you are just eating and resting, that is what recovery is about. Giving your body energy and letting your body rest and recover. Pushing your body with exercise isnt a good idea as that just stresses your body, when instead it needs rest to fully recover.

You are not lazy for resting, you are being strong for going against your ED. And it is ok to be tired, that is only human. Take a nap so you get more energy. Your body is exhausted from everything it has been through and you are most probably very mentally tired as well, so napping will just be good for you.

Explain to your family that you are very tired and that even if you are eating, that energy is going to repairing your body and your body is healing and recovering. For example if someone is in hospital and recovering from an illness or operation then they rest lots. They eat and they rest and they recover, that is what you need to do as well.

You need to fight that voice in your head that tells you that you are lazy for resting. You arent. You are strong, you are doing the right thing and going against your ED. You need to learnt o relax and be ok with relaxing. Dont let your ED control you. An exercise addiction is not a life and unless you make a change and fight those obsessive exercise thoughts they wont go away by themselves.

Make sure to get enough rest, also increasing your food can help you to feel more energetic, itcould be that you are still not eating enough and so there is very little energy for your body to use to even recover and heal. So try increasing and also taking B vitamin and Iron can help with your energy levels, as well as having a high carb intake can help with energy levels :)

Fight the voice that tells you that you always need to burn calories. Because you know what, even when you nap you are burning calories... but that is not how you should think of it. Instead you are doing something healthy for yourself, doing the right thing. Because you know what, taking a nap is more healthy for you than going and working out when you can barely stand or keep your eyes open from tiredness. Listen to your body!!!

Also know that sleep can be very messed up during recovery. Either you sleep too little or too much, but as your body and mind recovers your sleep routine should get better. But trying to have set bed time and wake up times can help :)


  1. Hi!

    I wanted to ask a few questions for a while. I am recovered for a few months, i am 160-162 cm and 43-44 kg, and it is a low BMI, but my doctor said it is OK for me. I am 13-14 year old, and she said I am in a healthy weight. But i am scared that i am not eating enougj. I am not calculating my calories, but i did that yesterday, and i was shocked. I didn't eat 2000 calories yesterday, but I had a training.(athletics, and my intake was about 1800-1900)But I am eating what I want. If I am hungry, I am eating, and always what I want. I am eating healthy, but I am eating chocolate and other stuff sometimes. And I haven't got my period back. (I had it at age 12 for the first time) When will I get it back? Is it really a healthy weught for me? Can I trust my doctor?
    I really want to get it back, please help me!
    (I love your blog, and I can say that your blog was the cause of my recovery in 70%!
    Love and hope,
    A girl from Hungary

  2. I'm not Izzy and I'm not a doctor, but I am really surprised that your doctor thinks that's enough -- that's a BMI of around 16 or 17 isn't it? All of the medical advice I've read or received says that BMI should be at least 18.5-20, preferably higher (20-25), settling at your own healthy set point. And if your periods haven't returned, then again, all the doctors I've ever met or the things I've ever read from them all say you shouldn't stop weight gain before periods are restored (and even then, it is a necessary but not sufficient criterion). It sounds like you are yourself being really sensible about all this, and I do wish you the very best for a full recovery and healthy, happy, thriving future.