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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Thinking that your appearance matters more than your health

It is a little sad that in today's society people are so caught up in their appearance and body image that they would do anything to change. They put their health at risk just to look a certain way.

Fat burners, laxative abuse, diuretics,  detox teas, extremely low calorie or weird diets. 

Exercising far too much than what is healthy for the person or stressing themselves too much because of wanting to look a different way.  Not to mention the low self esteem and self loathing which might arise when yiu are very focused on changing your body and when yiu out your physical and mental health at risk.

If you exercise while having a cold or being injured, that is also putting your health at risk. ... even if the exercise might be due to enjoyment and not just changing your body, you should still rest if you have a cold or are injured.

It is important to begin prioritising health,  both physical and mental.  Because in the end who cares if you have lots of money but are burnt out from stress, who cares if you have a degree but absaloutly hate yourself and hate the area in which you have your degree.  Who cares if you have your "goal body" but end up in hospital because your body is so unhealthy. Who cares if you have your dream body but are too tired to live life, too scared to eat food and too addicted to exercise to do anything other than that.

Health should be a priority. Because appearances fade. Your body is always changing and you can't help the fact that as you grow older so does your body and that is something you need to accept. Health is also something that can fade if you don't take care of it, but if you treat your body right and focus on physical and mental life it will get you a lot further and life will be more enjoyable.

I am not saying that you can't change your body because of course you can, it's important to be happy with your body but sometimes small things will make you feel more confident. For example, when I began strength training I wanted bigger arms as I was tired of having super skinny arms.  And  so I wanted to change them, and I did... but I didn't put my health at risk while doing it. I maintained a physical and mental health, if anything strength training actually helped me alot more as before hand I was overdoing cardio and THAT was putting my health at risk. I wasn't eating enough, doing too much cardio and didn't have energy to live life. But when I began strength training I had more energy,  I began to eat more and just felt happier and healthier. So physical change doesn't have to be bad as long as you arent disregarding your mental or physical health just to look a certain way. The body has its limits and set points, going too far above those or too far below those isn't good and can  cause problems. But it is also important to note that weight and BMI aren't always indicators of health,  I know many people who do have an underweight and are perfectly healthy physically and mentally though (though they have never had an eating disorder.... Because after an eating disorder,  most often the person needs a BMI 19 or higher for the body to function properly and also less chance of relapse). But also people who strength train and have lots of muscle but have a BMI of 24-26 which would be classified as overweight, when they infact aren't overweight and are perfectly healthy mentally and physically.  So weight and BMI aren't the best indicators of that, instead knowing how you feel and being honest with yourself. Because in the end, you know best how you feel and what you are doing and why. So you need to be honest with yourself.

Focus on your health and putting your health first. A happy and healthy person will always look and feel better than someone who is sad or unhealthy. (This is my opinion anyway) and this goes for both mental and physical health. For example when I am feeling mentally very low then I don't look as good as when I am happy and feeling positive even if my body looks rhe same, it's about the energy and hos you behave but also the sparkle in your eyes which comes from happiness and overall health, well being.

So think about. .... are you putting your appearance before your health? What consequences will that have, and is it really worth it? Health is one of the best things you can have and you shouldn't ignore your health just to look a certain way.


  1. I so needed to read this piece! Every now and again, my thoughts take a negative turn. I was away on holiday with friends for a week and I noticed that even though I am physically healthy, I still don't have a normal relationship with food. After a night out of drinking, many friends (who are a healthy weight and look amazing in my opinion) head to fast food places. And you know what, the next day they didn't compromise. Thank you, Izzy, for reminding me about what my priorities should be- health both mental and physical. Even though in the back of my mind I know this already, it's so helpful when you write about this because it just confirms this.

  2. thank you this really helped me get a grip on reality and cos body image is really hard at the moment its given me strength to keep fighting thanks x