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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The day before new years eve

Hello :)

I had planned on writing some informative and advice posts but haven't gotten around to doing that yet so instead I'll just write an update post and about my plans for tomorrow - new years eve, as I have gotten quite a few people asking me what my plans are.

Yesterday was a very strange day. Tuesday night I barely slept anything as there are kids who are setting off fireworks (despite it being illegal apart from on new years and special occasions), and it makes daisy go crazy and she barks and shakes. So apart from the fireworks making alot of noise it affects daisy very negatively so I was up most of the night trying to calm her down. When I finally woke up around 8.30am I still felt tired and felt this pressure in my head, like a heavy cloud/fog around my head and it lead to me not getting anything productive done. Or well I got a few important and necessary things done but it was 12pm and I hadn't even left the house yet which is unusual for me. I had planned to go to the gym but I didn't feel like it, there was no exercise that I felt I wanted to do so instead I headed out into the cold for a walk with my dog (also unusual for her to get her first walk so late). Then a late lunch before I wrapped myself in a heating blanket and did some work on a laptop I have gotten to borrow, at home anyway. I then started to get alot of stomach pain (my stomach not being able to digest certain foods ) but i thought I would head to my boyfriends anyway.... though once I got there the pain was so bad that I had to just jump into bed, take a few painkillers and wish the pain away. My CF has not been doing so well lately, so both problems with breathing, weight loss (which means that I am always cold as well and means that the winter coldness is even worse ) and also stomach problems :( but I guess it could be worse. The pain finally went away after a few hours so I could get some sleep!!

Today's plans are to head home and clean the house, buy alcohol (for my friends) and to buy the food needed as my friends (and boyfriend) are coming to my house for dinner and then we'll see whether we head out somewhere to watch the fireworks or stay at my place to watch the fireworks! It's nice to host the dinner and have friends at my place because then I don't have to have a long trip home again after everything. .. I can just go to sleep ^-^ though it means cleaning the house before and after bad fixing everything. ... its easier to just go to a friends house and bring some food instead of having to fix everything myself ^-^ I'm not such a good hostess either, but hopefully it will go well :)

Feels strange that tomorrow is the last day of 2015.... I mean this year has passed extremely quickly. It's strange to think that almost a whole year has pssed... though I mean time and year are just sort of "made up" in a way. It doesn't mean so much... many people wait for new year to make a change but you can make a change whenever. You don't need a new day,month or year to make changes.

What are your plans for new years eve? Are you excited about the new year? :)


  1. Yes New Years is a funny one, all this expectations to have an amazing and hopes for the year ahead.

    I am staying in this New Years with my boyfriend, the quiet ones are usually the ones I enjoy the most! I don't know if I'm excited about the year ahead, to be honest yes and no! I am not thrilled at the prospect of turning 30!

    1. I hope you have a lovely new years Eve and a lovely 2016!! Well think you will have 30 years of experiences and memories! ! That is pretty amazing :)

  2. With so many changes happening, I can't even recall what things seemed like/ felt like a year ago.

    For 2016 I hope for a better year and one that's different (although as you said, you don't need the start of the year to denote the 'set time' for making a change).

    Have an awesome time Izzy and all the best for the New Year!! :D X

    1. I hope you have a lovely new year! And tat all the changes will be positive!

  3. Hi!

    I have some questions. Today I measured myself at the shopping center, and I realized I have a body fat of 17, what started to trigger me, because my BF was 9,8 before my recovery and I am a runner. And it is high for a long distance runner, and it started to trigger me, and I see myself fat.It is not visible in my body, and the worst is it will be incrase, because i don't really have boobs yet. How to put ul with it?


    1. A quiet New Year for me - and take the Christmas tree down!
      I`m looking forward to the New Year, fresh start and new challenges etc - I know you don`t need to make changes according to the calendar but a new year kind of makes a fresh start doesn't it?
      Happy New Year to you Izzy - may it be a happy and successful one for you!

    2. Don´t worry about body fat. If you are recovered from anorexia and if your bosy is healthy and works then this is a good state for your body to be. And don´t compare yourself to someone else or long distance runners. Does your body fat tell about your ability to run? No it doesn´t. People are different and their bodies have different needs. In addition you can't really trust those machines, especially if it was just some shopping center measurement. You could go right now on a different machine and get a totally different number. If you measure your body composition it should be as to see progress and the measurements done on the same machine and at the same time of the day.
      Don´t get triggered by a number because it does not define you<3 It is just a number!

    3. Thanks!

      I dont know who you are, but you really helped me:)

    4. Body fat is just a number and 17% is still very low. Your body needs fat to function properly and I am sure you can still run long distance and if anything have more energy and not be as cold anymore. Don't focus on the number, focus on your health. Having 9% body fat is far too low and below essential fat for females. You need to focus on other things that numbers and your weight and fat percent. You are more than that. You are not your body and don't let that determine your worth or how you feel. But also the body does not function properly with too low body fat and even if you increase in body fat that doesn't matter, what matters is your health. And also, don't go after those "random" fat measure machines they often aren't accurate and can have up to 5% difference.

  4. Hi love! Recently came across your blog and love it! my plans for new years eve are to spend the night with some close friends :)

    1. Naw thank you :) I hope you have a lovely evening and have a great year!