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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday crossfit morning

Good morning!!!

And like a typical Swede, starting the conversation (??) With weather talk. ... Because it is absaloutly freezing!  I was out for a walk in the morning and when I got back my hands were so frozen that I couldn't even put the key into the keyhole so had to stand outside the door and try to get my hands to function again. Also just wearing running is far too cold now and you need something under the sports pants!! If it isn't bad enough that it is freezing outside, it is also freezing in my room as there is a vent that let's the ouside air into my room making it very very cold and I just want to stand in the shower and never leave XD though Instead I wrapped myself in my nightgown and as I was leaving for crossfit I almost put my outside jacket over my nightgown. ... hahaha. I was very close to walking out the door like that before I realised what I had done/about to do!!

Today is my last crossfit lesson, not so sure what is on the agenda today or what we will be doing. Maybe one of the first workouts to see if we have improved and maybe some last technique training in something. But I have already improved lots and was able to double the amount of weight I have used in certain exercises just from a few slight technique improvements. I mean how awesome is that... and I know I have more in me, it's just that after being half sick for a few days I didn't want to go all out. I'm going to miss crossfit lots and began looking at crossfit boxes where I will be going to university,  though as i already need to pay extra for my gym card (so that I can go to the same gym branch where my university is instead of just going to the same gym) I won't be able to have both  a gym card and crossfit membership.  But crossfit and being able to have a membership at a box is just motivation for me to work hard and earn money! ! So its not a negative,  everything at the right time I guess! :)

The rest of my plans for the day are to clean, maybe do some baking, lots of list writing, figuring things out, blog posts if I have time and videos also if I have time! So lots to do but it's so nice to have a Sunday free from studying! ! :)

How are you going to spend your Sunday? :)


  1. My sunday is turning into a day of two halves - energetic this morning and rather lazy this afternoon!
    Up and out this morning for when the shops opened to finish off my Christmas shopping - managed to get the last few presents before the shops got too crowded, which was good. Then it was home for a quick cup of tea and to stash the shopping away before heading out to the beach for a walk. It is so mild here in southern England at the moment, temperatures up in double figures, so walking along the beach was nice. I have hardly had to put my heating on this winter so far it has been so unseasoningly mild.
    Then it was home for lunch and a nice warm bath (which I have just had before coming on here!). Today I get to eat home made rice pudding for tea time dessert, should of had it last week but was so busy putting up the Christmas tree that my partner forgot, and considering it takes at least two hours in the oven by the time he remembered it was too late. But never mind, it just means that I have successfully stuck to my meal plan for two weeks instead of the one before getting my reward, so I am looking forward to that!
    For the rest of the afternoon it is veg out on the sofa with whatever film they are showing on telly, probably a slushy or funny Christmas one. Then its tea time and rice pudding time (if it comes out successfully, my partner has never made one before but he wanted to do it so I am banned from the kitchen)
    Perhaps this evening I will wrap the presents....don`t know, see how I feel, or I may leave that to tomorrow. I`m alright once I get started on the wrapping, its just making that initial effort!
    Hope you are having a good sunday too Izzy!

    1. That sounds like a lovely day and I am SO PROUD of you for sticking to your meal plan. That is awesome :) and I hope you enjoy the rice pudding, I've tried making my own and it is delicious but takes time :) I hope you have a lovely new week!! Stay strong and keep fighting :) (and p. S i am going to try get around to answering your questions in a post or two :) )