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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Snacking is not bad

I feel like snacking has a bad reputation. On TV programs regarding food and diets it is most often said "don't snack". And before that used to affect me.... I thought, here are people being told to eat 3 meals a day and not snack and instead I am eating 6 meals a day. I thought snacking - the way i was snacking  (listening to my body) - was bad, when in actuality the type of snacking which the program was talking about is the mindless eating/snacking.  It's when people snack on 5 small bags of crisps or take 4 cookies and 500ml of cola each day inbetween breakfast and lunch and then in the afternoon they graze mindlessly and in the evenings they take another 4 cookies. The type of snacking which is done out of boredom or is sort of mindless eating.
I mean nobody is perfect, I've had times I've eaten granola from the box or eaten peanut butter with a spoon from the jar "just because " . Or days when I eat a row of chocolate just because it is there.  Ive also had days where all ive done is snack and not really eat a main meal. But in general my meals are good  and so are my snacks. My snacks are there to give me energy for the day and to keep me full until my main meal. They are a part of my balanced diet and there to make sure I get enough energy. Because i could eat 3 meals a day, but then I'd have to eat about 1000 kcal in each meal.... but I would prefer to keep my meals around 600kcal and eat 5 meals a day instead.
So what am I getting to? That snacks are ok, don't feel bad for eating snacks. There are some people who are shocked when they hear I eat snacks (usually older people who just eat 3 main meals a day), but I have learnt to not care. I mean I've been eating 6 meals a day since 2010 (or well.... since the end of 2012 anyway) and it works for me. It's how I get enough energy and so it shouldn't matter to others. But it feels like the older generation just think of snacks as chocolate, crisps, cookies etx and automatically think snacks are bad.
However snacking isn't for everyone and that is ok as well. If would prefer to eat 3 or 4 big meals that is ok as well. Do what works best for you and make sure to get enough energy. But you shouldn't walk around hungry either just because you think snacks are bad. Snacks can be very good for many different reasons such as not getting that "hangry " stage or when you get very low blood sugar or for people who prefer to eat less more often or those who need high energy intakes and can't get it all in 3 meals.

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