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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Rethink what you say

Instead of saying you don't want to recover say, you don't care about your health.

Instead of saying you don't want to eat, say, that you don't care about the long term consequences of not eating properly.

Instead of saying that you can't recover say, you don't want to face your fears.

I wanted to write about the example of saying you don't have time, and instead saying it isn't a priority.... but the truth is sometimes there just isn't time and 24 hours isn't enough time to get everything done so yes, you do have to priortize certain things. But for some people they say they don't have time as an excuse when instead they should just say it's not a priority.

Just like when you say you don't want to recover, it's the same as saying you don't care about your health.... Because it does not matter how many vegetables you eat,how often you run or how much water you drink. If your body or mind are unhealthy or if you are struggling with an eating disorder you aren't healthy. Recovery and recovering is healthy but not choosing to recover is the same thing as saying that you don't care about your health.

If you don't want to eat because you have anxiety or you think it will make you fat.... you might as well just say it instead of "I'm not hungry" or "kve already eaten".... you might as well be honest and just say "I am scared this food will make me fat" and then see how you feel and what happens.

Think about the meanings of what you say and what you do.... they might just give you a reason to double think and maybe change ways?


  1. Hi Izzy - on the subject of food, can I ask you how much carbohydrate, particually sugar, is ok and healthy in recovery? I ask because I am trying to increase my meal plan and the only weight I have for carbs is 150 g of cooked potato,rice or pasta for my main meal. I am planning to add juice to drink with my meals, but I noticed on the carton it is high in sugar. Also the full fat yogurt I eat every day for dessert with some fruit is quite high in sugar as well. So I was just wondering if theres any guidelines for this. Apart from a couple of biscuits with my night time milk I am not eating any suguary snacks like cake etc and have swapped my afternoon cereal bar snack for rice cakes with either peanut butter or cheese. I figured this would be better for me if I am at home eating my snack as the cereal bars again seem to be very high in sugar. If I`m out then I`ll pop one in my bag but I thought it better not to have them them everyday.
    Am I worrying unnecessarily about this? I would be grateful for any thoughts you have on this. I`m not worried about sugar in itself, just getting the balance right.

    1. I wouldn't worry so much about it. In recovery it can be good to drink juice or milk lwith all meals to get enough energy. Remember that in recovery you don't follow the same guidelines or recommendations as normal people. When I was in recovery I had to drink almost 2l juice a day as well as almost a liter vanilla yoghurt each day as well as digestive biscuits, cereal etc but that was ok. My body needed that. I wouldn't worry so much about sugar,just make sure your body is getting enough energy and getting enough carbs. You aren't eating chocolate and cake everyday, so it's ok to drink juice, eat lots of yoghurt, fruit and cereal bars etc your body needs it :)

    2. Thanks for this Izzy. I forgot that the same rules for "healthy" people didn't apply to recovery so your advice has certainly helped. I was getting in quite a tizzy about it!

    3. hi carol, when i was in hosp they prescribed 3 x 200ml orange juice a day (1 each meal as apparently it helps to have vit c to help absorb iron), i also have 3 yoghurts a day still too. i still have a cereal bar a day and biscuits like you at night snack but 1 snack i also have is mixed nuts/seeds and dried fruit so that's another option you could try maybe or maybe toast, cereal, oatcakes, just some thoughts x