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Monday, December 28, 2015

My goals for 2016

It's never too early,  or too late to set some goals or to think about what you want in life. What you want to achieve or experience and what you have to do to get there.

I love setting goals and writing them down because in a few years or even in just a few months time I might stumble across that list and realise that I have achieved some of the goals, but also some goals are in the back of my mind like guidelines!!

My first goal is to keep stepping outside of my comfort zone. I guess it's human nature to want to be comfortable and have their habits and routines, and that's not a bad thing. But I need to learn to be more spontaneous and do things which might make me uncomfortable (but won't harm me). At the start of the year I was very good at doing different things and stepping outside of my comfort zone, but then the last few months I've just kept to the same routines and haven't wanted to do anything different. So that needs to change!!

Be more decisive and say what it is I want. I'm not so good at making decisions, and definitely not when I need to make a decision for other people as well. I don't like that pressure of thinking I need to make the right choice and can't make the other person disappointed, so instead I don't make a decision and say "I don't mind" to everything. General though I don't mind,  I mean if someone asks me if I want quorn or salmon for dinner, or if I want to watch a series or a movie or if I want to stay in or go out. .... it generally doesn't matter so much to me. Though at times I have wanted something I. E maybe watch a certain movie but I haven't said anything as I haven't wanted to force the other person to watch the movie. ...... its silly, but I haven't been able to change it. But I know I need to get better at making decisions and actually saying if there is something I "want" (I. E between different options)

Start journaling and writing in a diary. I am going to buy myself a diary and start writing again (not in the sense of dear diary today.....), but writing how I'm feeling and what is going on in my mind and thoughts. I don't think I am going to start therapy so I am going to start writing instead and it feels better to write in a diary than to possibly trigger people on here, instead I'm going to keep trying to be positive on here!

Listen to my body and mind: I do listen to my body and am good at taking rest days and taking it easy when my body tells me to. Though I haven't quite mastered that with my mind yet. Now when I begin university in January it's even more important than I listen to my body and mind..... are things not going so well? Is my mental health getting worse? Then I need to listen to that and not just ignore it and keep pushing forward. If my mental health doesn't take the stress and pressure of studying then I need to listen to that and take a pause.

Travel: hopefully I travel to the U.S I'm 2016, but nothing is booked or planned so it could be 2017 before that happens but hopefully next year! I also got a "weekend away" with my boyfriend as a graduation present so I should use that sometime! And maybe a trip to London or Ireland to meet my dad, and hopefully travelling somewhere in summer with my family. ... which I really hope we do! So looking forward to those possible trips, might be none or might be all!!

Enjoy blogging and keep up with blogging but realise it's ok if I don't blog each day. I'm getting better at being "ok with not blogging".... Sometimes I don't have the time or energy or anything to write about. So there is no point in posting and that is ok, blogging should be fun. And if I blog when I feel inspired and creative and helpful, then blogging is fun!

Try new things. Not be scared to try new things and to say yes to new adventures and experiences!!

Get better at answering my phone and messages and get better at staying in contact. Especially important if I move.... I have a tendency to not answer or to answer several hours or days later. ... that won't work if I live in another part of the country. I need to stay in contact with my family and boyfriend.

Make my CF care a top priority.
I'm a little too good at ignoring the fact that I have CF... which leads to consequences. But now when I have focused more on my medication and such I already notice a difference and breathing is getting a little easier again!!

Only run races if I want to.
I haven't been running so much recently,  a few runs here and there or some intervals. But not as much as previous years.... which means I might not be able to run races, or I'm sure I could but I wouldn't be in top form. And I know that I'm going to want to sign up just because. ... and races are fun, I love them but I shouldn't sign up to 10 races just because, instead only if I have gotten back into running longer distances again and more frequently!

Start theory for a driving a license and begin test driving. This won't be until maybe summer, but I really need to start!!!

Don't stress over unnecessary things and let go of worries!! Well this is self explanatory I guess, I need to find a good way to cope with stress otherwise that will be my downfall in life.... well it already is my downfall :/

Just some goals, I have plenty more but don't have the time to write them out ^-^ do you have any goals for the new year?

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  1. these sound like really great goals and if you do come to london i would so love to meet u and thank you for all that you've done to help me xx