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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Look back 2015: July, August, September

3rd segment of this lookback :) The months of July, August, September!! The next 3 months in a following post.

Looking back on my year and makes me remember some things i had forgotten and also reminds me of somethings and lessons i need to remember!!!

Do you look back on your year or do you just keep moving forward?


July 1st and our last day in Gothenburg and we ate fro yo and lay by the water before we had to take our 4hour train back to Stockholm.

Watermelon, Bcaa and protein fluff were standard meals for me during this month!

2 days after getting back to Stockholm, my boyfriend and I set off to go camping. Our plan was to travel to Norway but the weather was so bad (we had one or two days). So instead we drove north of Sweden and to the border of Finland and then drove back again. I was super nervous about camping and not super excited about it... i had never done it before and didnt know how i would feel or whether i would manage to be away so long i.e barely having 2 days to be at home. But i did enjoy myself even if we spent 4-10+ hours in the car each day. I had lots of colouring papers with me so i enjoyed just sitting and colouring and i went for runs/walks in the morning/when we got to the camping place! And i ate a huge amount of strawberries which was one of the best things, and just sitting in the car with my boyfriend!!! Also being outside so much was fun.

computer, camera and water bottle always with me! And always snacking on fruit and vegetables!!

My standard car lunches!

I wasnt allowed to walk there but i did anyway... until i realised it was a shooting area and i got lost... then i panicked alot XD

Standard snacks with my boyfriend!
Also... lots of pancakes!


When i bake, i can never bake just one thing... i always bake for a whole party!

Lots of food pictures this month as i had nothing else to take photos of. I wasnt doing so great this month and so i didnt want to take photos of anything....
 Lunch with my boyfriend sitting by the water. (Its funny how i see this picture and remember just how awful i felt and how i sat completely silent and felt so bitter... and i remember all of that just from this picture?)

I was home alone with my dog for a week or so as both my sister and parents were on holiday. And i sent this picture to them thinking it would be funny saying that this was my "weekly shop"... of course that wasnt all, but they know that i overconsume these 3 things and well, they didnt want me spending my food money on just those 3 things.

Otherwise, that week at home with my dog was such an awful week and i felt so terrible each day :( 

Treats to cheer me up... try to make things somewhat better.

One of the only selfies i took for that month.... 

  Went for dinner with my boyfriend at TGIF and decided that i would actually order an alcoholic beverage!

Vegetarian buffet with my sister.


One evening when my sister and i decided to watch a movie and went to the store in our pyjamas to buy snacks!!!

Headed out to an island where my step dads father has a house. We spent a few nights there and during the days we spent them lying on islands (we took the boat over to them). I picked berries, sunbathed and got super burnt!

I travelled home before the rest of my family and the day after i got back to Stockholm i went to book my tattoo time. I wanted to get it done that day, but i had to wait a week. I didnt tell anybody, but i put a picture up on my snapchat and thought i would have to tell my boyfriend... which is a good thing i did because he said if i had just gotten the tattoo without telling him, then he wouldnt have been so happy. Though ive told him that there is a possibility of that happening in the future as i want more tattoos and feel absaloutly no need to tell people when i get them done!! Afterwards its fun to post a picture on my blog, but i dont feel the need to tell people about it!

Began my partnership with True Transparancy... or i knew i was an ambassador but they began distributing the drinks now.

Ran the midnight run... knees that werent in the best shape, but it was a fun run!!

It was time for my tattoo! (Tips, eat properly before you get a bigger tattoo done...!!)

Picnic with my friends... before everyone began to study and move away.

Lunch with my mother!!

My tattoo... in black and white!! I still love it and am so happy that i made the decision to do the tattoo.

Pizza and wine evening with my friends.

Of course another baking session!!!

Time for my 3rd run in the tournament i was doing. I had run alot of the areas where the race went so i was aware of all the hills and had run those areas before, but i couldnt help but think "i never want to run here again while running the race"; hahaha... It was fun, but also that i didnt know my family would come but they were there waiting for me when i ran to the finish line and that made me so extremely happy, as i like having people there for me when i finish races :)


Another lunch with my mum... Basically whenever i am very sad my mum just suggests we go for lunch... haha it works for a while, but it doesnt exactly take the sadness away.

Time for another race... just one more left after this race!!

Travelled to Lisabon with my aunt. Tried surfing for the first time. Ate lots of delicious food, went for runs in the morning, did lots of exploring and for the first time in a while had a good time... but we were so busy during the days that i didnt have time to feel or think.

 (Because my computer is broken i have lost a bunch of photos from my trip, so these were the only ones i could find :( )

Brought home 2,2kg chocolate for my family.

Travelled to the university town (where i will study) to check out the university, and stopped to eat lunch with my mum!

Had my first Demo for True T!!

 Finally got to try the new Ben and Jerry flavours :)
Lots of fruit!

 Breakfast one morning!! Love making these types of breakfasts, and eating them as well!

Brunch with my sister!!

These 3 months were both very postiive and alot happened but also alot of negativity in my mind, but i like focusing on the positives and seeing all the fun things i did and all the yummy meals i ate :)

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