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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

How to stay motivated with life

One of my favoureite quotes is Life is like a roller coaster, you can either scream every time you hit a bump or you can throw your hands up in the air and enjoy it.

Because the truth is... life is not a walk in the park. Its not just flat ground all the way ahead, but there are ups and downs... somedays you might feel like you are walking backwards, other times you feel like you are being pushed forward or even racing forward. Othertimse you come to a crossroad and don't know what to do.

Staying motivated with life is hard, there are times you want to give up. Like ive mentioned before i can easily get depressed, want to give up on life and begin thinking of suicide. Also, depression runs in my family (if you can even say that?). But i have learnt that staying positive is key. To not let that little negative voice inside your head control you.

In every situation, there is something both positive and negative. Sometimes the positve is very far fetched, almost impossible to see. Such as, if you are homeless with no money... very hard to see the positives in that. But then maybe you can try to think that, now you have a chance for something new. To show that you are stronger than the awful events that have happened to you. That you can pull through this and become stronger.
  I know, im the type of person which many people want to punch in the face bceause i seem so positive. But i don't like sounding or being negative. Because a negative mind leads to a negative life.

So how to stay motivated with life, to keep living even when things are tough?
Realise that there is more to life than just this.... So you just got fired? You got an F on your test? You need to move apartment? You have money problems?
  Well there is more to life than this.... if you failed a test. Thats ok, there are more tests in your life. You didnt get the job you wanted or you got fired? Well then you can apply for a new job, a better job. Get new experiences. You broke up with your partner? Got divorced? That happens, its awful.. it breaks your heart, you don't see the point in living. But will giving up really solve the problem? No it won't. You might not want to think of it now, but there is more love out there.... there are people who support you, there are new people you will meet in the future. But if you give up, you wont ever meet them.
  Just like with adventure and new experiences... this one event, or even this continuous amount of negative events that happen in your life. This is just for now... Things CAN get better.

Dont let one thing, one event or even one comment or person bring you down. Instead, rise up. Be taller and stronger than whats trying to bring you down.

Change your thoughts. Think positive. This isn't easy, but it will really help. Instead of letting everything bring you down, instead of just thinking negative all the time. Try to think positive...t hink atleast 3 positive thoughts everyday. Make it a habit.

Change your life.
  If you aren't happy with the way you are living, then change it. You always have the option to make a change... are you tired of your life? Tired of living? Well what is it that is so awful? Is it people in your life, is it your situation? Is it your job? Change something if it brings you down. Maybe you hate your job and you decide to quit. Happiness might not come right away because suddenly you are out of a job, but it will come later when you start doing a job you love and realise that the job you did before just brought you down. It gave you too much stress or your co-workers were mean to you etc

The most important thing is to know that things can and will get better. But if you give up, you dont give them a chance to.

I also like to think - even if it sounds cliche - that everything you go through in life makes you the person you are. Guides you towards something in life. But also, you aren't dealt with something you can't handle. This event will change you as a person, change your life... but can change you in a positive way if you keep fighting. You learn something, grow as a person.
That can bea  positive thing to think about in those awful situations or times!

Hopefully this helps a little, to those of you who feel you need motivation to keep going, whether its with recovery or just in life!


  1. This is exactly what I need! Thanks, Izzy :) I just quit my job as I was so upset and unhappy there, and am going to move forward and find something better and get into graduate school. Hope you are having a fabulous day and that you have a great new year! This post was exactly what I needed! Xo

  2. I was taught by a therapist that there are no good or bad events in life - there are simply events, and it is my reaction to them that is either positive or negative. This is great, because I have the power of choice about how to react to these events. I can be crushed by change or I can see it as an opportunity or a learning experience. Events only have the power I give them. I was sick, addicted, and homeless for years of my life - and today I am grateful for that experience. I am grateful because it helped shape who I am today, it taught me what gratitude is all about (try having literally NOTHING for a while to realize how truly blessed you are to have ANYTHING), it taught me compassion, it taught me not to judge others, it taught me the boundlessness of my own strength and resilience (to be able to come back from that), it gave me life experience that makes my story uniquely mine, and it set me on a path to a level of recovery and self-awareness/self-actualization that not many people have. If I hadn't been stripped of everything, I would never have had the opportunity to build myself back up, to grow from it into what I am today.

    Short version: Everything that happens in life, even the very worst things, are all just neutral events. The feelings that come from these events are ours. And we have a choice in how we wish to react, the perspective we wish to view from. Don't allow things or events to hold false power over you - in reality YOU are the one with the power!