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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How much to eat after recovery

You were the inspiration for me to eat at least 3,000 calories and I still do though I am weight restored. I was just wondering if you still believe in eating that much following weight restoration? This is what I do, but sometimes I feel like I am the only one who eats this much. Thanks Izzy!

I am glad that I was able to inspire you to eat more :) I think that you should eat the amount your body needs and if your body is functioning properly, you have energy and your weight isn't increasing then it's fine to eat that much :) I mean the more you can eat and still maintain your weight,  the better. Though I think I should expand on the weight not increasing thing,  because it could be that a persons weight goes up more than their "goal weight " because their body wasn't at their set point there. Or it could just be weight fluctuations. But if you know that you have a healthy weight and your body is functioning properly but you continue to gain weight then it could be that you are still eating at a surplus and just need to do a little adjustment to eat more at maintenance level and then the body should take care of the weight itself.

I don't actually know how many calories I eat it could be anywhere from 2500-4000 Somedays I am sure but then other days I might be around the 1800-2200 mark (this is just guesses but usually my estimations are right). When I did a food diary over 4 days for my dietician at the cf clinic my average intake for the day was around 3200 at that time which for some might sound a lot but if you think about my body(i.e the fact that I have CF as well as do have more muscle (?)) and lifestyle it is about right.

Like mentioned above if you can eat more, do that. I mean who doesn't want to be able to eat lots and to maintain.

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  1. hi izzy <3 could you please give me some advice. As you know, i've had anorexia for a long time, was at a very lowweight for about 8 years, then earlier this year was admitted to hospital and was made to gain weight so that my bmi reached 18-19 ish mark. i relapsed this autumn though and now im trying very hard to get back on track. my bmi dropped again, i am underweight but nowhere near as underweight as i used to be. I know i still need to gain though - i just dont know how much to eat. part of me wants to eat well and plenty, every 2 hours that kind of thing, but this is so, so hard and i cant quite make myself do it, it seems so scary. im currently eating off a meal plan i made for myself, but i wonder if it is enough, i am just very uncertain what to do. Should i really try to eat the same meal plan i was on when i was very, very underweight? thank you so much ! xxx

    1. Emily,
      I know I am not Izzy, but to question as to whether you are eating enough probably means you are not. The amount you were eating in recovery should have been what you would continue eating until you are ED free both mentally and physically. That means 3 big snacks a day and 3 normal meals a day, with dessert (or a fruit). 3000 calories is ideal and no exercise. I know it is hard, but it is honestly the only way... Hope this helped at all. Have you looked into the MinnieMaud guidelines? They are so helpful and have been successful for so many people. If you haven't you should give it a read. Here is a link:

    2. thank you so much, your comment was so helpful and a very good reminder - it was well needed. I think I read Minne Maud ages ago but it might be a good thing to give them another read! Thank you so much for this its much appreciated. xxx

    3. Hello, I am glad you have already gotten an answer from someone else :) but I thought I would answer as well. I would recommend going back to yiur meal plan. That was what I had to do when I had relapsed. I had lost weight and was eating very little and couldn't eat eniugh intuitively so I went back to my meal plan & 2 supplement drinks a day. And that helped me gain weight and also find structure in my eating again. So I would recommend the same, also you aren't an inpatient now so naturally you do more during the days and means that your body does need more energy as well. The meal plan can help give you structure again and in time you can eat more freely and intuitively, but even if you aren't as underweight as before, the meal plan is still the right amount of calories for you to gain weight. Because even if you are XKG underweight or Ykg underweight meal plans are usually made so that you gain 0,5-1kg per week. Stay strong and keep fighting. Think of how far you have come, so don't give up now!!

  2. This answer helps so much izzy, thank you! I was just wondering if you could give me some advice as how to proceed next...I am weight restored and have been for around 6 months. However, I am now TW around 3/4 of a stone (10 lbs) over my 'target weight/lowest possible healthy BMI' and I have a BMI of 20.5 now. I have no idea where my 'set point' is, and my weight seems to still be going up. I am eating, and have been for a while now, 2300 calories a day and I have no idea whether to continue eating this, or to cut it down for fear of gaining more and more weight! I am hungry for 2300 calories a day, so I just don't know what to do! Xxx

    1. Hello, Well BMI 20,3 isn't high so even if your weight goes up a little it isn't bad. You might have a set point of BMI 21-23 or something. Try to eat intuitively and if that lands you around 2300-2500 then you are eating eniugh and your body should adapt. Try to go 3-4 weeks where you try to not count calories, just eat intuitively and live life and see whether your weight has settled after a few weeks. Naturally weight goes up and down each day, so not sure how often you are weighing yourself? Give your body time to settle and find ifs healthy set point. As long as you arent using unhealthy methods to maintain your weight your body should try to settle at its set point. Try to not worry so much about calories, BMI or target weight. If you have energy, your hormones function properly, you can live life (not just survive) then those things and certain numbers don't matter so much ;)

  3. hi there i wanted some advice my therapist told me that when i reach my target weight ill be on an ave - 1800-1900 calories to maintain. I'm on 1700 at the moment and still have to gain weight. but I'm like starving on this amount so it worries me that ill always feel hungry when i get to target weight too. i have a lot still to put on.