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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Gaining the last few kilo

When it comes to weight gain you need to realise that a few kilo really won't make a difference to your body. You might think, clothes fit me now, I feel ok, I will be huge when I gain a few more kilo. But you know what 2-5kg really doesn't make so much difference to your body. It can be hard to accept or believe, I mean the weight has to go somewhere.... but it's not like the weight just turns to fat and sits on your stomach like so many are worried about.  It  redistributes around the body and so it's not always so noticeable. Just like losing 2-5kg isn't always super noticeable unless you are already very slim.

Also remember that a normal persons weight fluctuates 2-3kg throughout the day and that is just due to water and food weight.

Weight gain might seem like the worst thing ever but it really isn't.  Think rationally what will a few kilo of weight gain really do? It won't make any difference or no drastic difference to your body. And think like this. ... if you think those kilo make a huge difference and you can't stand the way you look then you can always lose the weight again.  I don't advise that, but I mean it's the truth....

The first thing I would suggest is to try to gain the weight and then take it from there. Know that the last few kilo can make a big difference in your mental health.  But also ask yourself if you are scared of gaining a few kilo are you really letting go of your eating disorder? Letting go means letting go of weight and control. ... allowing your body to be healthy at the weight it settles at.

Weight gain is not a bad thing, infact if you need to gain weight it's necessary and super important.  If you have been told that you need to gain weight then listen to that advice. And even if you have calculated a healthy weight yourself,  don't give up in the end.

Your body won't change from a few kilo extra, but your mental health can improve.... you need to learn to let go and to trust. Trust your body and trust your doctors!


  1. Hi!

    I wanted to ask you about the crossfit for a long time. What is really it? What are you doing? How long the trainings are? Can I do it if I am 14? Is ot really hard? Are there any crossfit competitions?

    Thanks for your answer

  2. I`ve gained 1 stone since I`ve started recovery - I think that's 7 kg isn't it? I`m noticing the difference already. For a start it doesn't hurt to sit in the bath any more, and I`m growing into my bras again! I think I like some of what is happening to me, but not the bloated tummy and still thin arms and legs - but it takes time I guess and I gather that's whats meant by disproportionate weight gain?
    I`ve accepted my body is following its own agenda to heal itself and put up with the uncomfortable symptoms. But I do struggle to keep up with the weight gain, its like I need it to slow down to give my brain time to adjust to it. At the moment I weigh myself once a week. Do you think I should stop or is it best to keep track of it?
    I`m not scared of gaining, just give me chance to get used to it, so I can adjust my thinking, if that makes sense?

  3. agree with u carol, i too have put on a stone and still have several to go but I've got a belly that looks like I'm pregnant and sticks for limbs, its so hard to keep putting on weight when my stomach is my worst area anyway and i don't want that to get even bigger

  4. hi izzy i wondered if you could help, I'm worried about my blood sugars as i have been feeling very light headed. I suffered from dangerously low blood sugars in hospital where they had to give me hypo stock which was awful cos i was so scared of the calories and they had to squeeze these sugary syrups into my mouth like every few hrs. They said i was slipping into a coma but i still didn't want it, till i blacked out then i made sure i had them. but anyway I'm getting worried that my blood sugars maybe off again. i do eat regularly I'm on about 1700-1800 cals and still need to put on weight but there are many times I'm feeling hungry and so I'm just giving myself enough to tide me over so not in pain but its getting scary when I'm out and feel like i may faint. what am i doing wrong?

    1. I think that if you ate feeling light headed and dizzy you should definitely talk to a doctor. But also try eating more. .. it doesn't sound like 1700-1800 is enough and you could be feeling dizzy due to not having enough energy. But also if you have low blood pressure as well as low blood sugar. Make sure to be eating enough carbohydrates as well, but definitely talk to your doctor and make sure to rest and get some type of carbohydrate into you when you feel faint. You need to take care of your body.... what would you tell a friend or family member to do if they felt like fainting or if they weren't eating enough? You need to treat your body properly otherwise you might end up with a heart attack due to your body shutting down.

    2. thick my lovely x