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Friday, December 18, 2015

Family time is important and shouldn't be forgotten about

On my blog I don't write so much about my family or spending time with my family. This is due to many reasons such as,I don't write out everything I do in a day and also I don't want to write so much about my family or pictures or such. But also the big reason that, despite living at home I don't spend so much time with my family.  I'm the type of person who spends 95% of the time in my room and then when no one else is home I might go sit at the table in the kitchen or go sit by the dinner table. I've written about it before, we all have different schedules so meals aren't always eaten together,  just when we plan to eat together. I am not one of those people who needs to be surrounded by people all the time and not so great at spending time with my family. Or even showing how much they mean to me.

But yesterday evening was a time when I realised just how little time I spend with my family, but how important it actually is. Just to joke around and laugh and of course, friendly fighting (i.e she commented how strong i was and she tried ro knock me over or move me and i did rhe same with her and could move her while she couldnt move me..... ao no actual fighting, hahaha XD) which just turns into laughing and ending up with jelly like legs so you can barely stand. I must admit it felt so strange to laugh, to not feel so burdened down by everything even if my appointment at the CF clinic didn't go so well. But for a while I could just laugh and forget everything and it was nice. ... it left me with a warm feeling inside.  Also reminded me how I should spend more time with my family, not be so anti social or always need my own space.  Of course family can be very irritating at times and sometimes I like knowing that I can just go to my boyfriends place if I need to get away, but also my family are my family. There is always the good and the bad!!

This is a reminder to you to maybe call your parents or a friend or someone if you don't seem them so often. Or spend time with your family or friends. Show people that you care and they mean something, it's so easy to just think "I'll tell them another time" but maybe it will be too late at times. You may be like me and need your space and like being alone but it won't harm you to be social at times either and even just spending a little time with your family!  Of course, everyone has different family relationships bht maybe there is a friend you can spend sometime with ?

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