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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Dealing with food and body comments during Christmas

One thing which I can never seem to avoid while at grandparents (well step grandparents? ) houses is body and food comments.  There always seems to be food and diet comments during dinner which I find out of place and unnecessary. Why talk about dieting and how you need to lose weight while eating? Nobody wants to hear about it.  I mean I can gladly give you advice but please don't do it while I'm eating.  Not that it's triggering I will still go get a second serving but I just don't think diet and weight loss talk is necessary while eating.

But also body comments.... some older people/older generation don't really think girls should strength train or gain muscle. So they like to tell me that I have gotten bigger and am looking broad -_- personally it doesn't bother me, that's jut a sign that I'm making progress and I like the way I look so their comments don't bother me. But back in the past those comments would have destroyed me. I remember while in recovery and I had to eat ice cream and I was already filled with anxiety but then I was told that I was looking bigger (as I had gained weight).from an older family member... and I couldn't eat the ice cream at all. My mum noticed what happened and saw how distraught I was after the comment so she didn't force me to eat the ice cream.  But if someone is insecure body comments can be awful.... and I don't think they are necessary.

I know many of you might be going through the same thing. Body comments, food comments (such as I was told I shouldn't eat chocolate.  And also if I ate chocolate i wouldn't eat dinner.... I then informed them that I can eat lots and that was exactly what I did. Lots of chocolate and nuts and two portions of dinner... though then there was no room for dessert :/) and diet talk as well. These things can be very triggering but you have to realise that you can't avoid it and instead you need to work with your own thoughts and make them not trigger you.  Body comments are tough,  especially being told you look bigger... but that is a good thing. They don't mean it negatively,  it's just that they have no other words to express what they mean. Big or bigger doesn't mean ugly or fat. It just means that you have gotten stronger or gained weight (which can be a positive thing). Focus on your goal, be neutral about those types of comments.  And if you find it rude tell that person... trust me, stand against the person and tell them their comment was unnecessary,  then they are less likely to repeat the mistake!!!

And with food comments,  remember you need to eat. Even if others say they need to lose weight or need to go on diets, that doesn't mean that you have to. Instead focus on your goals, on what is best for you. If you need to eat lots or gain weight then remember that and instead take an extra portion and smile at those who are eating minimal and counting calories. Instead be happy that you can eat as much as you want to!! Trust me, you are the winner in that situation :) :)

I know it's tough with some family members.  And some people say things without thinking, but you can get through this. Scream unto pillows, write, rip paper... let out your frustration but don't ruin your progress or give up on recovery.  Some people say unnecessary and stupid things, but you can't avoid those instead you need to learn to deal with them. People's opinion about your body doesn't matter, and people will comment about food but you gotta know what's best for you.

People always comment that I eat alot, but i just smile and don't care because I know I'm eating enough for my body.  I'm not eating too much, I'm eating what's healthy for me. And how much each person needs is individual... so just because someone gets full after one potatoe and some chicken doesn't mean that everyone has to eat that little. I'll eat the amount I want and need and don't care what people think or say. An continue to grow and get stronger and build muscle because that makes me happy and that's what matters.

You got this. Don't let others stupid comments ruin your progress. Focus on you and your recovery! !!


  1. Thank you so much for this post Izzy!! Everything you say is so SO true I could really relate to this..I find my older grandparents often make really annoying comments like that :( I know they can't help it but at the same time it's really tough to hear. Having read this though I feel alot more determined to not let such comments bring me down. They are just words after all nothing more.. my gran for example said to me "oh look at your snack that's like a full size meal!!" But your attitude towards this is just so inspiring Izzy! I really want to be able to be strong enough to say that to myself too - "This is what my body needs and who cares what others think, say or eat themselves - Im not a sheep and I dont need to copy them!!" Thanks so much Izzy, mery Christmas to you :) xxx

    1. I know it can be tough wuth family and when they make certain comments. But try not let it affect you, instead focus on what's best for you. That snack was what your body needed and you did the right thing by eating :) everyone needs different energy amounts, keep focused on your recovery :) hope you have had a nice Christmas and not let your eating disorder ruin things for you :)

  2. I just don't understand the hype about women strength training. Obviously they want to be toned and have less fat and more muscle, so it's all really just another end of the spectrum of body obsession. But honestly, it's like a woman with a man's arms. There's nothing feminine about it. Why would you want to just be a big pound of muscle with much less fat and make yourself look like hulk??

    1. That's your opinion and everyone is allowed to have their own opinions.

  3. Hey could you please make a post about making the center splits with useful links to articles or tips etc.? :)

  4. Thank you so much ! i thought it was just me but comments are so annoying ! Some elderly people have no thought when they say things. Izzy i am loving your blog posts recently.
    If anyone is suffering with comments from oder people or relatives please just ignore the comments. I think its also a generational thing , eating disorders were not talked about as mainstreamly as they are now, relatives ( specifically elderly) don't have as much experience with this sort of thing. Stay Strong everyone !

  5. Thank you for this encouragement! This time of year is so tough, sometimes I get into my own head too much (worrying about what others are thinking and not saying....). Your words help calm some anxiety.
    I love that you are able to balance recovery and exercise - it gives me hope for my future. I enjoy your blog so much!

  6. I'm at a stage where comments can really crush me but what i found really hard was seeing my mum eat so little. she barely eats and is super tiny and i just felt like i was eating masses and she doesn't snack and i have to so this was super hard to and i asked if she would do a few food challenges with me and she did 1 or 2 but made it seem like it was really bad and she didn't want to. i find her non eating so hard but when she gets angry if anyone says anything and I'm told i have the eating disorder and not her and to stop being competitive. i don't know what to do cos a lot of my fears about food and seeing food as bad and not eating comes from her and my ed has a field day when I'm with her cos i know i won't eat